Queen’s rewards worm and maggot

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By Darren Reed

Springside: Tench to 5lb have been showing on the waggler when offering sweetcorn as bait.

Carp to 12lb have been showing on traditional carp style tactics when offering yellow boillies.

Quality mixed bags of silvers continue to be reported as the roach and rudd continue to feed very well when targeted on the pole, whip and waggler.

Bear Lake: Multiple catches continue to be recorded from all around the lake.

Carp to 14lb have been showing on the method feeder.

Average carp is now being reported between 7-8lb; pellet, corn and meat being the preferred baits.

Queen’s Lake: Quality bream nets to 70lb-plus continue to be frequently reported.

Bream to 8lb are showing in catches reported.

Use traditional bream-style cage feeder tactics for the best results. Worm and maggot have been the more rewarding baits used.

Shepherd’s Lake: A disappointing week with only the odd bream and carp showing.

Bream to 5lb and carp to 10lb have shown but have been fairly slow going.

Silvers continue to show on the waggler and pole.

Tottenhill: Carp to 11lb have been showing on pellet and small boilies, on the method feeder.

Bream to 4lb 8oz have also been feeding strongly all around the lake.

Roach and perch have also shown well when offering maggot.

Match results from Townsend Lakes

Sunday, Kingfisher Lake: 1 Marek Wadas – peg 18 – 38lb 6oz – pellet on method feeder; 2 Steven Hillman – peg 28 – 38lb 2oz – maggot in margins; 3 Alan Owen – peg 23 – 30lb – maggot in margins.

Fenland match anglers’ second match at Townsend Lakes, Woodpecker Lake: 1 Tom Cockle 40lb 8oz, long pole shallow; 2 Dave Watkin 37lb 4oz, including a carp to 20lb; 3 Steve Egmore 35lb 8oz, method feeder; 4 Steve Locke 35lb 6oz, pole and pellet waggler.