Relief Channel busy with King’s Lynn pike and zander searches

Neville Tilson.
Neville Tilson.
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The last seven days has seen plenty of anglers on the banks of the rivers of which 90 per cent have been predator anglers.

Still waters have again been producing steady catches. Modney Bridge-Chapel has again produced the roach and the odd perch.

Both tip and pole have been used to tempt the fish into feeding. Small perch have also shown on small lures and drop-shotting.

The Relief Channel has been busy with specimen anglers searching for the pike and zander, plenty of small jacks showing on lures, also the occasional double to 13lb has been recorded.

Middle Level: Perch and roach have been showing on the pole line at Pingle. Also plenty of jacks.

Crooked Chimney-Three Holes has been attracting predator anglers. Perch to 1 lb have shown to small lures and drop-shotting, a couple of decent pike have also been reported, one of 12lb 8 oz and another of 17lb .

Cut Off Channel: The banks have now been cut.

Tottenhill: A few anglers around during the last week, odd carp to 11lb 4oz still showing on the tip when presenting meat, or pellet on the method feeder. Bream to 4lb are also showing to the pellet on both the method feeder and pole. Waggler has also proved rewarding when offering a banded pellet or a piece of corn as a hook bait.

Springside: Carp to 14lb still show on carp-style tactics, meat, pellet and boillies attracting the carp. Silver fish nets to 10lb of roach and rudd have been recorded from waggler anglers presenting maggot, pinkie or caster as a hook bait.

Shepherd’s Port, Bear Lake is still fishing very well considering the time of year. Multiple catches are still being recorded when offering a method feeder. Pellet, corn, meat and dead maggot all score well and draw the carp into feeding.

Shepherd’s Lake: Odd carp to 11lb are showing on carp-style method feeders when presenting a hair rigged boillie, chub to 3lb also showing over the carp feed. Roach and rudd respond when targeted on the pole and whip when presenting pinkie or maggot on the hook.

Queen’s Lake: Local rod Neville Tilson braved the winds and rain on Saturday catching bream to 7lb whilst using traditional bream-style tactics .

KLAA Notice: Could all anglers be aware of the KLAA rule. No boats are allowed downstream of the aqueduct on the Middle Level main drain as this section of the drain has no navigation rights.

l John Russell memorial match, Sunday, November 22. Draw 8.30am at Littleport (on the bank). Fish 10-3pm.

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