Ryston Runners enjoy three top 10 finishes at Worstead Festival

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It was a busy weekend for races for a few members of Ryston Runners AC, writes Cath Duhig.

The most popular event was the Worstead Festival five-mile race on Friday evening, which featured seven of them, three of whom made the top 10 in a field of over 350 finishers.



Callum Stanforth (3rd SM/27:27), Nic Bensley (9th/1stM45/28:51 personal best), and Malcolm Tuff (10th/1stM50/29:03) swept the board in the men’s team stakes. Lesley Robins ran 34:54 for 81st place overall and 2nd W40.

Keith Morris and Jane Ashby kept close order, finishing in 221st and 22nd places in 42:36 and 42:37 respectively, with Sue Tuff completing the Ryston contingent in 331st place in 52:58.

On the same evening, somewhat further south, Pete Duhig was 6th VEM (M60) and 92nd overall out of 233 in 22:24 in the 5K Cross Nocturna LasVillas, Pilar de la Horadada, Alicante, Spain. Cath Duhig, walking a cautious 5K due to a damaged hamstring, was 224th in 32:55, 2nd VEF (W60).

The best result of the week, however, came in from Eamonn McCusker, who went to Bungay for another race in the midweek 10K series.

He reports: “I managed 46:23, with which I was pretty pleased, being 15 seconds inside my time for last month’s event. Unfortunately, you won’t find this performance in the official results as the event itself was last week!

“In over 30 years of entering events, I have never done this. Having driven over 60 miles to get there, I decided to run it anyway, even though this meant having to open and close two gates twice each.”

All credit to Eamonn for competing the most minimalist race of the week, and also for having the good heart to share the story.