Snettisham Bear Lake rewards feeder and pole anglers

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KLAA by Darren Reed

May is normally a quiet month as winds go by, but the back end of the week and weekend saw temperatures drop and nasty winds arrive.

This caused little respite on the lakes as only the odd angler endured the winds and below normal temperatures for a fix of their sport.

Nevertheless carp have still shown and bream have again been steady feeders.

Springside: A quiet week for anglers, but of those that have ventured onto the lake a variety of fish have shown.

Some 15lb nets of silvers continue to be reported to bailiffs, the roach and rudd are clearly on the feed, taking caster, bread and maggot from hooks from either the whip, pole or waggler.

Carp to 8lb have shown on the match style method feeder in both open water and against the margins.

Bear Lake: Multiple catches continue to be recorded from feeder and pole anglers, waggler has also been rewarding.

Carp to 12lb have shown on the method feeder when offering either pellet or meat as a hook bait.

Queen’s Lake continues to be the in-form lake as bream to 7lb show on traditional bream-style tactics when offering either maggot or worm. Even pellet has enjoyed some success when targeting the bream.

Skimmers, roach and rudd also feed dominantly when presenting either caster and maggot on the hook.

Shepherd’s Lake: A steady week with carp to 9lb showing on both the carp-style method feeder and the match style feeder, pellet and boillie have been the more rewarding baits.

The bream haven’t really turned up but the roach and rudd have shown on the waggler and whip when targeted with maggot and pinkie.

Tottenhill: A quiet week on the lake with very few anglers around, but carp to 17lb 2oz have been reported, method feeder tactics again being the preferred method when using boillie, corn or pellet.