Springside sees season’s best tench as King’s Lynn area lakes profit

Sport news from the Lynn News, lynnnews.co.uk/sport, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
Sport news from the Lynn News, lynnnews.co.uk/sport, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
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As river anglers prepare for the new season, if still water is your type of angling then Lynn waters are certainly showing some very good form with all lakes producing quality catches.

Springside: Another fine week has been enjoyed by the anglers fishing this lake.

A season’s best tench of 8lb 4oz has been recorded, carp to 14lb have also featured heavily in mixed catches reported.

Tench have been showing on corn when using the method feeder or a straight ledger. Carp showing also on the method feeder and conventional carp style tactics offering pellet and boillie on the hook.

Quality roach and rudd have been showing well when offering corn or maggot as a hook bait up in the water. Both pole and waggler have done well for the silvers.

Bear Lake: Another strong week with anglers reporting multiple catches. Carp to 12lb have been showing on the method feeder around the island. A few carp spawning but this has had no affect on the others from feeding. Margin swims have also been successful when presenting a bait virtually alongside the platforms. Quality roach are also showing when targeted with maggot baits.

Queen’s Lake: A very good week has been had by anglers targeting the bream and skimmers. Bream to 7lb 8oz have been recorded, plus skimmers to 2lb, all on traditional bream-style tactics. Double red maggot has again been the best bait to attract the bream and skimmers. Roach and rudd to 1lb have also fed well when fished for on the waggler and pole at 9 metres. Bread punch, caster and maggot has produced quality catches.

Shepherd’s Lake: Bream to 6lb have been the more dominant feeders during the last seven days when fishing traditional bream style cage feeder tactics.

Carp to 10lb have shown on both the method feeder and carp style feeders. A few roach and rudd have started to feed when targeted. Best baits this week have been boillie, pellet, caster, maggot and pinkie.

Ken Hill: Consistently fishing well with quality roach and rudd feeding. Pole, whip and waggler are all producing good catches when fishing corn or maggot up in the water.

Tottenhill: Carp to 12lb have been showing despite signs of some fish spawning, bream are showing more frequently on pellet and caster, carp have showed when offering corn on the method feeder. Carp style tactics have also been very rewarding.

On walking the river banks of the Middle Level during the last few days, bream have been rolling on the surface, tench blowing in the margins and good signs of roach topping, all good early signs for the coming season on the level between St Germans and Morton’s Bridge.

l Match report from Phil’s Old Boys match at Narborough on the match lake on Tuesday. Despite winds to nearly 50mph, this didn’t stop the anglers from catching or the fish from feeding.

Results: 1 Trevor Little for 62 lb 11oz, 2 Roy Hiscock 49lb 9oz, 3 Bob Fitz 47 lb 3oz.