Still waters continue to produce goods for anglers

Sport news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
Sport news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
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The last seven days have been far more rewarding for still water anglers than the river men.

Despite both the lakes and rivers showing another bout of spawning activity, the still waters have produced quality catches, whereas the rivers have seen little action.

On the Middle Level, from St Mary’s to Magdalen High Road, bream, skimmers, roach and rudd have all put in an appearance.

Feeder tactics have proved to be the best method used, but the pole has also seen a small piece of the action.

Caster, worm, corn and pellet have all been used to target the fish.

The first reported carp to 8lb was landed from a swim at Peter’s, while targeting the bream and skimmers.

High Road End has seen a few bream to 4lb, again the tip being the preferred method.

Mortons to Crooked Chimney has seen a few anglers on the bank.

After a slow start, bream to 5lb and tench to 4lb responded to the feed.

Tip anglers reaped the rewards during the early part of the week, before the waggler came into its own with bream showing to 5lb.

The best baits have been caster, maggot, worm and corn.

Pingles, another venue slow to start, did eventually show some fish after a few anglers descended on the banks and a bit of bait went in.

Roach and tench have shown on the pole and whip, with plenty of small roach, rudd and also the odd eel.

No reports have been recorded from either the Cut-Off or the Relief Channel.

On Ten Mile Bank, the only reported catches came from around the Wissey Mouth, with skimmers, roach, hybrids and rudd to 1lb.

The tip has proved the best method with night and early-morning sessions proving more rewarding than in the day.

Despite another bout of spawning activity, both tench to 7lb and carp to 15lb have shown on Springside.

Tench have fed well around the margins, while carp have been more responsive in open water with the method feeder working well.

Roach and rudd have shown well on the whip, pole and waggler.

The best baits this week have been pellet, meat, and boillies for the carp and tench and maggot, bread and caster for the silvers.

Bear Lake has also seen spawning activity, but plenty of carp, to an average of 8lb, have been reported.

All methods have worked and the best baits have been pellet, both hard, soft and coloured, corn and meat.

Good catches have been reported on Queen’s Lake with between 15 and 17 bream showing in single sessions using traditional bream-style tactics.

Caster, worm and double maggot have been successful, with roach and rudd showing well on the pole and whip and waggler when offering maggot and caster as a hook bait.

Shepherds’ Lake has been relatively quiet with bream to 5lb the more dominant feeders.

A method feeder with a pellet as a hook bait proved rewarding, while roach and rudd appeared on the whip, waggler and a pole kit.

Ken Hill has seen plenty of quality roach and rudd.

Whip, pole and waggler have been the best methods to use.

At Tottenhill, bream to 5lb and carp to 12lb have been recorded with the method feeder the most rewarding.

Pole has been used to target bream at 11 metres and the best baits have been pellet, boillies, corn and meat.