Stillwater anglers benefit again with good sport on King’s Lynn lakes

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By Darren Reed

Another good week for the stillwater anglers with good sport showing on all the lakes.

Carp and bream continue to dominate but plenty of quality silvers have been showing too.

Springside: Quality catches of roach and rudd have been showing. Waggler and whip are the more selective methods to entice some quality roach and rudd to nearly 2lb, maggot being the more rewarding bait when fishing slightly up in the water. Carp to 10lb have also been showing on the method feeder when yellow baits have been used.

Bear Lake: The good start continues with carp to 15lb being recorded, 8lb being the average carp reported, all methods have been used to target the carp. Multiple catches continue to be reported during the week. Method feeder, waggler and pole have all been rewarding when used. Best baits have included corn, pellet and maggot.

Queen’s Lake: Plenty of skimmers to 2lb, bream to 7lb, quality roach and rudd.

Conventional bream tactics have been producing the better sport on the tip when using worm and maggot as hook baits. Whip and waggler have again produced quality silver fish catches when offering maggot and caster on the hook.

Shepherd’s Lake: Carp and bream respond to bream and carp tactics. Method feeder again has good results in finding the feeding carp offering boillie on the hook. Conventional cage feeder tactics were rewarded when targeting the bream when using maggot.

Roach and rudd show well on the whip and waggler when presenting pinkie, castor and maggot.

Tottenhill: Carp to 13lb have been feeding strongly throughout the week. Bream to 4lb have also been showing on the tip and pole. Multiple catches have been reported on a variety of baits. Three pike to 9lb have also been showing to the baits that are being offered. Roach and perch have been showing on maggots. A catch consisted of 12 carp to 9lb, a pike, and 27 bream to 4lb. All baits have been rewarding.

Match results from Townsend Lakes.

Saturday, April 1, pairs match, Kingfisher Lake: winners Colin Begbie peg 2, 81lb 6oz had some early carp on the method feeder then went long pole pellet on the deck to get 1 point and Myke Pollard, peg 14, 55lb 8oz long pole pellet with a few bigger fish in the margins to get 1 point, total 2pts; 2nd pairs John Whitcombe, peg 4, 50lb 6oz method feeder with some late fish in the margins with the pole to get 2 points and Steven Hillman, peg 13, 38lb 6oz, method feeder and some fish on long pole, 2 points, total 4pts. Positions: 1 Begbie 81lb 6oz; 2 Whitcombe 56lb 8oz; 3 Pollard with 55lb 8oz.

Sunday 2. Kingfisher Lake: 1 Andy Adams, peg 1, 126lb 10oz, long pole on the deck and a good run of fish shallow on pellet; 2 Sam Hawkes, peg 24, 59lb 8oz, long pole pellet on the deck; 3 Paul Constable, peg 17, 46lb, long pole worm with a couple of bigger fish in the margins on maggot.

Sunday 9. Woodpecker Pool: 1 Adams, peg 15, 152lb, long pole pellet shallow; 2 Whitcombe, peg 17, 113lb 14oz, short pole pellet on the deck and long pole shallow and some fish in the margins; 3 Derrick Upson, peg 12, 57lb 14, maggot and pellet long pole some bigger fish down the margins on meat and corn.