Swaffham students prove that they are Fighting Fit

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Swaffham Fighting Fit Kickboxing Academy hosted their last grading exam of the year.

The club had the pleasure of their Grand Master Mark JR Trent attending, and also guest instructor Josh Trent, from Scorpion Martial Arts Academy, Suffolk.

Instructor Grading Panel consisted of: GM Mark Trent, SM Peter Parker-Colman, senior instructor Jon Macfarlane, senior instructor Hass Asker, senior instructor Josh Trent and assistant instructor Emma Macfarlane.

Working the floor were instructor Lucy Young and assistant instructor, Chris Payne.

Students who were all successful in passing their coloured belt exams are listed.

Yellow Belt: Charlie Spurling, Rowan Knight, Rhys Mills. Green Belt: Becky Spells, Melissa Moulton, Elena Moulton. Blue Belt: Hallie Gladd, James Buckenham, Will Butters.

Red Belt: Val Warner, Fliss Smith, Kevin Mills, Richard Kemp, Robbie Syer, Paul Knight. Red Belt/Black Stripe: Dan Taylor.

Also awarded to the club was the Working Martial Art Certificate of Excellence. This was achieved by making sure all aspects of a safe correct training/teaching environment were in place and includes all relevant paper work qualifications that should be present when teaching martial arts.

Instructor Jon Macfarlane also received his cornerman’s diploma certificate.

SM Peter Parker-Colman thanks all the club instructors for making this possible, and adds a huge well done to all students who showed true fighting spirit in passing their exams.

The club will be fighting again at the UCMMA Contenders cage show at Norwich in February. The club will be re-starting on January 5. There will be an opportunity for a new beginners class for anyone interested.

Find details about the club on Facebook, Fighting Fit Academy.