Ten Mile Bank roach rife despite a lack of coarse anglers around King’s Lynn

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Sport news from the Lynn News, lynnnews.co.uk/sport, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
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The last seven days have seen encouraging news on Ten Mile Bank.

Reports from the early stages of last week were looking quite gloomy, but as the week progressed better catches were being recorded and a roach catch of 18lb has been reported.

Ten Mile Bank, Modney Bridge-The Chapel: The normal winter haunt for the river anglers has been showing some form. Strangely, during flows catch rates dip away, as the flows cease catch rates improve. Early midweek bites were slow, but towards the back end of the week catches were being recorded. Skimmers, perch and quality roach to 11oz were showing on the tip and pole line. The pole line became more productive as the week materialised. Even the odd tench has been reported from a tip angler fishing tight over to the far bank when offering worm as a hook bait.

Maggot and pinkie have been very rewarding as a hook bait during the last seven days.

Relief Channel, Denver-Downham: Plenty of predator anglers around but only the jacks that are making an appearance. Multiple catches have been reported when using lures and shads.

Cut Off Channel: An opportunist predator angler was lure fishing when he encountered not one but four bream to 5lb taking the lure he was using.

Middle Level: Pike to 13lb have been reported from the Crooked Chimney-Three Holes stretch. Odd jacks are also showing on lures and the occasional dead bait.

Springside: Carp to 14lb still show on carp-style method feeder tactics, plenty of silver fish are also showing when targeted. Whip, waggler and pole are all rewarding when targeting quality roach and rudd whilst presenting maggot/ pinkie on the hook.

Shepherd’s Port, Bear Lake: Carp to 12lb are still showing despite the time of year, multiple catches are still being reported. Method feeder is still very rewarding when offering a piece of luncheon meat on the hook. Pellet and corn also tempt a few carp into feeding.

Queen’s Lake: Bream between 2-7 lb have been consistently showing when targeted. Bream-style tactics have produced quality catches when offering maggot as a hook bait.

Shepherd’s Lake: Only the odd bream and odd carp show occasionally. Catch rates have dipped on this lake during the last seven days.


Shepherd’s Port. Queen’s Lake and Ken Hill will close on Tuesday, November 24 and will re-open on April 1, 2016.

Shepherd’s Lake and Bear Lake will remain open until the season closes.

Match results from Townsend Lakes fishery. Cuckoo Canal, Sunday: 1 Andy Adams, peg 21, 153lb 2oz, pole pellet down track; 2 Colin Begbie, peg 12, 122lb 14oz, long pole pellet and maggot down edge; 3 Ricky James, peg 17, 109lb, pellet close in.