Ten Mile fishes hard and Middle Level in form at both ends for King’s Lynn anglers

Sam Miller fished a swim at close range to tempt the complex record Wels Catfish
Sam Miller fished a swim at close range to tempt the complex record Wels Catfish
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Tottenhill sees plenty of anglers gathering on the banks, with carp to 14lb 8oz showing to the method feeder tactics when offering pellet, boillie, meat or corn as a hook bait.

Bread has also been rewarding. Bream to 4lb 6oz are showing on both the tip and pole when offering corn or worm, waggler has also produced well when offering maggot, picking up skimmers, roach and perch.

Springside: Tench to 5lb showing on the pole and the method feeder when presenting corn on the hook.

Carp to 14lb also show on the method feeder when offering carp baits, pellets and luncheon meat on the hook.

Plenty of silvers continue to show when targeted on the pole and waggler when offering maggot on the hook.

Bear Lake: Multiple catches continue to be reported. Carp to 16lb showing on the method feeder when offering luncheon meat on the hook, corn and pellet also rewarding, average carp to 9lb showing. Plenty of little stockies also showing on smaller baits.

Queen’s Lake: Bream between 3-5lb showing on standard bream style tactics when offering maggot on the hook.

Skimmers, roach and rudd showing on the pole line and waggler when fishing closer into the bank side. Maggot still the more productive bait.

Shepherd’s Lake: Carp to 15lb, showing to the carp anglers, chub to 3lb also showing over the carp baits that are being offered. Bream to 5lb, showing when targeted using standard bream tactics.

Roach and rudd also show on the whip, waggler and 5m pole line.

Ten Mile Bank: A rather difficult week has been endured by the anglers fishing TMB, only a couple of places have reported any catches despite plenty of anglers being on the bank. Piggeries and Wissey Mouth have been the more active, with odd bream to 4lb, a few skimmers, small perch a couple of tench and a few roach, have been reported from tip anglers.

Middle Level, Pingle Bridge-Neepes. Plenty of pike action being reported from tip and pole anglers targeting the roach and skimmers, tench to 4lb, skimmers to a pound and a half, also odd bream to 4lb 4oz.

Best methods have been the pole and cage feeder. Corn has produced the better catches of roach to 10oz. Nets to 15lb have been recorded at Crooked Chimney.

High Road-St Mary’s is again the most productive stretch, quality roach showing on both corn and pellet, skimmers to nearly 2lb, bream to 4lb 11oz and tench showing to 5lb.

Margin swims are still producing quality catches when fishing the tip and pole.

A vast array of baits have been used to attract the fish into feeding. Best baits have been hemp, tares, pearl barley, corn, maggot, caster, worm and pellet.