Tight pairs match at Kingfisher Lake, Upwell

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Townsend Lakes Fishery Saturday, pairs match, Kingfisher Lake: this was another close match with a small margin of weights.

Results: 1st pair Colin Begbie (pictured) on peg 28 (1 point) and Andy Adams on peg 6 (2 points) Colin weighed 71lb 4oz Andy 33lb 1oz, total weight 104lb 5oz; 2 Dave Rodwell on peg 4 (1 point) 60lb 8oz and Sammy McSpadden peg 32 (2 points) 41lb, total 101lb 8oz.

Sunday, Kingfisher Lake: 1 Andy Adams peg 24, 45lb 12oz, method feeder and maggot; 2 Colin Begbie peg 32, 33lb 10oz, long pole maggot; 3 Rob Blackbourne peg 28, 17lb, early carp on feeder and barble on maggot close in.