Turnovers cost King’s Lynn Fury in tight Norfolk League loss

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Sport news from the Lynn News, lynnnews.co.uk/sport, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
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King’s Lynn Fury had no National League basketball competition over the weekend so the focus was on the Norfolk League Division Three side who faced NCCA.

The Fury II’s first game was a 20-point loss versus Reepham in a game they never looked competitive in.

Coach James Bamfield said: “We performed very poorly in the first game, rushing every decision and play and were unable to widen our focus and react to the game. By the time we calmed down the deficit was 20 points.”

The first period of the NCCA game was similar as several offences resulted in passes stolen or dribbles lost and poor concentration and effort on defence allowed the Norwich side to take a 21-10 lead.

In the second period Fury started to settle, while showing much more focus on defence. This period was edged 11-10 by Fury who trailed by 10 going into the half.

Bamfield added: “I had to get into the guys at half-time as we continue to make the same mistakes and being calm wasn’t having any impact. I felt we were much better in the second half.”

The third period was Fury’s best as Donatas Zakaras connected for several jumpers and Robertas Lucinksis continued to find the basket. Brothers Lukas Surkontas and Mantas Zabaliunas both made an impact on offence as Fury moved into a small lead.

In the fourth quarter Fury made eight turnovers in a row to hand the momentum back to NCCA. The return of Saul Holland and Arentas Jasiunas steadied the ship and Fury fought back to trail by two with 15 seconds remaining. After a time out Fury again caught the ball and rushed to dribble quickly, unaware of the surrounding players. This led to three more turnovers as NCCA held on to a 65-67 win.

Bamfield said: “It was obviously disappointing to not get the win but I am encouraged for the rest of our season by how we performed. I can see people starting to find their role on the team and there were periods were we dominated at both ends.

“This is extremely exciting when you consider that the side contained two under 17s, seven under 16s and an under 14.”

In Division One on Sunday, Fury host Panthers. The CWA Academy entertain Peterborough Regional, 1pm, on Wednesday. Fury senior side’s next National League clash is Saturday, November 28 at Anglia Ruskin.