Youngsters shine in Heacham table tennis league

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This started on September 4 with the two-player league where all eight teams played two matches each on the night in Heacham Public Hall.

The format was the same as last season, each team has two players and they play two singles plus a doubles. All games were three ends with a point allocated for each end won, played up to 11 with no two clear points. Teams can have the same two players for both matches or can change players for the second match.

A team can bring in a youngster or inexperienced player for the doubles to give them an insight into match play. In fact this happened with Spivs Specials who had Jim Race and Stephen Jackson playing in both matches but they brought in Stephen’s 14 year-old son Aaron to play in the doubles alongside Jim.

Also starting out this season was 10 year-old Alfie Yarrow who went straight into the deep end in both Hunnys Heroes matches alongside brother Tom. Although Alfie did not win an end he got close and comments of what a good forehand echoed around the hall; plus brother Tom finished the night top of the averages.

Except for one match which ended up 15-0 most of the matches either finished up 9-6 or 8-7. BT Victories’ Steve Hales and Mary-Ann Woodhouse finished in first place with 23 points out of a possible 30, then there were three teams sharing second place on 16.

Next week the normal league fixtures start plus a new friendly league fixture each week. For full report and photos go to