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New season on King’s Lynn lakes begins well

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Despite the new season only being a few days old, fish have been appearing on all the lakes, writes Darren Reed.

Bream and carp have been the dominant feeders during the early days.

Although the water temperatures have been low, quality fish are starting to find the baits that are being presented.

On Springside, carp to 13lbs have been showing on the method feeder tactics, both carp style and match style, when offered pellet or corn as a hook bait.

Carp to 11lbs have put in an appearance at Bear Lake to the baits on offer.

Not everyone has been getting the bites, but some anglers enjoyed four to five fish showing to the baits on offer.

The method feeder has been the more successful tactic used when offering pellet.

Queen’s Lake has seen plenty of anglers searching for the bream during the first few days.

Bream to 6lbs have fallen to the baits of maggot, worm and caster, while traditional bream feeder tactics have been the most rewarding.

Shepherd’s Lake has seen carp to 16lbs when using traditional carp style methods offering boilies on the hair rig.

Bream to 5lbs have also been snapped up when targeted using caster or maggot.

Tottenhill has seen bream to 5lbs and carp to 8lbs 4ozs on the pole and the method feeder when corn and pellet have been presented.

Work has finished at Tottenhill for this year, thanks to an FIP grant from the Environment Agency.

This money comes from rod licence sales and King’s Lynn Angling Association were successful in getting the grant for Shepherd’s Port work, Tottenhill work, and new club equipment for future bank clearing.

The KLAA would like to thank Chris Middleton and Kye Jerrom from the EA for help in securing this grant.

Secretary Ash Brown said that it is good to see rod licence money being reinvested back into the local fisheries so all anglers can benefit.

Brown also hopes that KLAA will be successful again this year in gaining more equipment for the club.

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