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King's Lynn co-promoter says no racing would have been 'unthinkable'

Not racing this year would be “unthinkable” says King’s Lynn Stars co-promoter Dale Allitt.

The Stars resumed league speedway for the first time in more than 18 months last Monday, after Covid-19 restrictions were eased and the sport gained the green light to proceed, against local rivals Ipswich.

From his comments it was clear that the long-serving Lynn official feared for the shale sport’s future if 2021 also remained blank.

Peter Schroeck and Dale Allitt watch on.. (41603359)
Peter Schroeck and Dale Allitt watch on.. (41603359)

Allitt said merely to get the Minors & Brady Stars and their league opponents competing again was a minor feat: “The main thing is we get racing.

“It was very important we got to the point where we could go racing this year. The other option would have been a little bit unthinkable, in all fairness.”

The pandemic will remain an issue until all adults gain vaccinations and as long as social distancing measures are in place at the Adrian Flux Arena stadium, he added: “It’s there, whether we want to get it out of our heads, or not.

“It’s still there. We have got to work with it like everybody else. Since October we’ve had as much work to do – and it’s still ongoing today – as probably five to six seasons put together.

“You’ve always got issues with starts of seasons. Add Brexit, visas and the pandemic, and it’s just tenfold. It was imperative we got racing.”

“We didn’t race at all last year and if we’d have gone that this year, I don’t know what we would have come back to, if anything.

“Speedway is like everyone else. If you didn’t do anything for two years, you’d do something else. Then two years later when we say: Do you want to do this? You’d say: Well I’m doing something else now.”

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