Popular Jorgensen thrilled to be back at King’s Lynn Stars in 2018

Kings Lynn Speedway v Rye House
Kings Lynn Speedway v Rye House
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Popular Dane Thomas Jorgensen is thrilled to be back in 2018 at the Adrian Flux Arena with the King’s Lynn Stars.

He’s so pleased to be racing in Norfolk next year, saying: “Definitely. I love it here, especially when it’s grippy it’s my kind of track, big and fast.

“It was a bit different compared to what it is normally tonight (track preparation against Rye House was hampered by Wednesday afternoon rain). The starts were slick – normally they’re pretty grippy – but I made some starts.

“In the last one I had bike trouble. I’m trying to fix it now and starting it up, to see what it’s doing. If I’d just kept my third place we’d have had a draw.”

On the rest of 2017 he told the Lynn News: “Next I’ve got a few more meetings to go this year. I’ve got the Redcar Teesside Silver Helmet (yesterday – Thursday) but I don’t think I’ll make it because of my knee.

“I’m having physio and laser treatment, there is so much pain. I did it here about six or seven weeks ago when I came off. I also came off at Edinburgh last week and I landed straight on my knee, as you do, and did it again. It’s been playing up ever since.”

He added: “I’ve got the SGB Premiership Riders’ Championship on Saturday which should be a good meeting – I’ve had to miss a meeting with Redcar for that.

“I’m at Scunthorpe on Sunday, then a week after that on Saturday and Sunday, which is probably more or less it.

“Just being asked to race for a team in the Premiership was awesome but to go into King’s Lynn like I have done and perform how I have done on the whole has been pretty amazing really.

“I’m excited to be back at King’s Lynn next season and hopefully I can do just as well individually and we can have a much better year as a team too.”