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King's Lynn riders ready to put Covid concerns behind them

Echoing the thoughts of their skipper Lewis Kerr, Minors & Brady King’s Lynn Stars riders are putting Covid concerns behind them and getting on with the job of scoring points and winning Monday’s big derby opening night.

Great Britain star Craig Cook said of the Ipswich home clash: “I haven’t even thought about it, to be honest. One step at a time.

“When I arrive at the track next week is when I’ll start thinking about the job then. Racing is what I’ve done since I was three years old. I’ve done it for 30 years.

Craig Cook. Picture: Ian Burt. (47035923)
Craig Cook. Picture: Ian Burt. (47035923)

“Jumping back on a bike was a little bit alien, but a few laps and then the cobwebs will be blown off and it’ll all come back.”

Norwich-born Ryan Kinsley said at the Adrian Flux Arena press day about making his Premiership bow next week: “Today is a big weight off my shoulders.

“Finally it’s the start to your season. Now that’s clear in the back of your mind you can clear your head and concentrate on riding.”

Australian Ty Proctor said: “I’ve changed my life. Now speedway’s here, if I bring the same mentality I’ve got in my everyday life to my speedway I should be better and I’ll enjoy riding my bike.

Comeback kid and winter arrival Lewis Bridger added: “I haven’t got a clue who rides for anyone; I’m not bothered. Ipswich is not a track I used to go to much.

“I think Ty and I are in the same boat. If we’re not enjoying it at the end of the season after doing the best job we possibly can for the team, we’ll hang our suits up.”

King’s Lynn Stars 2021 rider fact file

KERR, Lewis James (capt.)

DATE OF BIRTH (DoB): 25 March 1990, King’s Lynn, Norfolk.

BRITISH CLUBS: (2010-11) King’s Lynn II; (2012) Plymouth, Somerset, King’s Lynn II; (2013-15) King’s Lynn, Newcastle; (2016) Lakeside, Ipswich, Scunthorpe; (2017) Poole, Somerset, Scunthorpe; (2018) King’s Lynn, Glasgow; (2019) King’s Lynn, Eastbourne; (2021) King’s Lynn, Eastbourne.

COOK, Craig William

DoB: 21 May 1987, Whitehaven, Cumbria.

BRITISH CLUBS: (2008) Scunthorpe II; (2009) Buxton, Workington; (2010) Workington, Buxton, Peterborough; (2011) Edinburgh, Belle Vue; (2012) Edinburgh; (2013-15) Belle Vue, Edinburgh; (2016) Belle Vue, Peterborough; (2017) Belle Vue, Workington; (2018) Belle Vue, Glasgow; (2019) King’s Lynn, Glasgow; (2021) King’s Lynn, Glasgow.

HONOURS INCLUDE: British Champion: 2017; League Championship winner: 2010 [Buxton], 2014 [Edinburgh], 2015 [Edinburgh].

GRAND PRIX: 13 GPs ridden, 42 points.

WORLD CUP RECORD: 4 meeting, 14 points, 1 Silver medal.

RISS, Erik

DoB: 13 September 1995, Memmingen, Germany.

BRITISH CLUBS: (2015-16) Edinburgh; (2017) Leicester, Edinburgh; (2018) King’s Lynn, Edinburgh; (2019-20) King’s Lynn, Redcar; (2021) King’s Lynn, Birmingham.

HONOURS INCLUDE: World Long Track Champion: 2014, 2016; Championship Riders Individual winner: 2019; League Cup winner: 2015 [Edinburgh]; League Championship winner: 2015 [Edinburgh]; Knock-Out Cup winner: 2019 [Redcar].


DoB: 14 July 1992, Aalborg, Denmark.

BRITISH CLUBS: (2011) Scunthorpe; (2012) Wolverhampton, Scunthorpe; (2013-14) Scunthorpe; (2015-16) Berwick; (2017) King’s Lynn, Workington; (2018) King’s Lynn, Redcar; (2019) King’s Lynn, Newcastle; (2021) King’s Lynn, Scunthorpe.

HONOURS INCLUDE: League Championship winner: 2012 [Scunthorpe].

PROCTOR, Tyron (Ty) Brian

DoB: 27 February 1987, Longwarry, Victoria, Australia.

BRITISH CLUBS: (2008) Redcar, Peterborough; (2009) Redcar, Wolverhampton; (2010-12) Wolverhampton; (2013) Wolverhampton, Plymouth; (2014) Wolverhampton, Sheffield; (2015) Sheffield; (2017) Workington; (2018) King’s Lynn, Workington; (2019) King’s Lynn, Peterborough, Leicester, Sheffield; (2021) King’s Lynn, Leicester.

HONOURS INCLUDE: Victoria State Champion: 2010; League Championship winner: 2009 [Wolverhampton], 2018 [Workington], 2019 [Leicester].

BRIDGER, Lewis Alan

DoB: 4 November 1989, Hastings, Sussex.

BRITISH CLUBS: (2005) Weymouth; (2006-09) Eastbourne; (2010) Peterborough, Coventry; (2011-12) Eastbourne; (2013-14) Lakeside; (2015) Leicester; (2016) Lakeside; (2017) Berwick; (2021) King's Lynn.

HONOURS INCLUDE: British U21 Champion: 2009; League Championship winner: 2010 [Coventry].

WORLD CUP: 4 meetings, 11 points.


DoB: 25 September 1998, Norwich, Norfolk.

BRITISH CLUBS: (2015-16) King’s Lynn II; (2017) Buxton, King’s Lynn II; (2018) Mildenhall; (2019) Scunthorpe, Mildenhall; (2021) King’s Lynn, Kent II.

HONOURS INCLUDE: National Trophy winner: 2018 [Mildenhall].

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