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Rivers displaying steady form across West Norfolk

The last seven days has seen a steady amount of river anglers searching the banks for some sport.

Good reports have been received from the Middle Level, at Peter’s, on Ten Mile Bank between Wissey Mouth and Modney, and also the Cut-Off Channel at Fordham.

Skimmers, roach, the odd bream and perch have all been recorded in catches recorded on the Wissey Mouth and Modney Bridge stretch.

Roach to 1lb 8oz have been showing on the tip and pole line at the Wissey Mouth to Railway Bridge stretch, with average stamp roach to 10oz falling to seed baits, caster and maggots.

The Railway Bridge to Modney Bridge has been the busiest stretch.

Roach, rudd, skimmers, perch, tench and the odd bream to 4lb have been snapped up by the various baits on offer.

Pole and tip have reaped the rewards as fish begin to show more frequently.

On the Middle Level at Peter’s, bream to 5lb, tench to 6lb 4oz, roach, skimmers, rudd and perch have appeared in both pole and tip catches.

Maggot, caster, seed baits and corn have all worked well.

The Cut-Off Channel at Fordham has seen bream to 9lb 3oz, tench to 8lb 4oz on the tip.

Roach have also been feeding regularly on the baits offered.

On the Relief Channel, the odd jacks, and a zander to 16lb have been reported.

At Springside, tench to 4lb and carp to 15lb have been snapped up on the method feeder.

Quality nets of silvers from whip, pole and waggler anglers.

Fishing tight against the island at Bear Lake saw carp to 14lb on the method feeder when presenting pellet on the hook.

Queen’s Lake continues to fish well with bream to 7lb showing, on the conventional tactics when offered maggot, worm or pellet as a hook bait.

There have also been plenty of quality skimmers, roach and rudd showing on the shorter line or the waggler.

Caster and maggot have proved rewarding.

On Shepherd’s Lake, carp to 16lb have appeared with boillies working well when targeting the carp.

Chub to 4lb have also fed strongly on the carp baits presented.

Roach, skimmers, rudd have all shown on the whip, short pole and waggler when offered maggot, caster or pinkie.

Tottenhill, bream to 4lb 8oz continue to be the more dominant feeders.

Carp to 12lb have fallen to meat, corn or boillies.

James Campbell memorial match result: 1 Simon Bush 64lb 8oz, 2 Dickie Sayers 19lb 8oz, 3 Brandon Andrews 9lb.

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