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King's Lyn Stars boss says vaccines are the answer to get speedway moving again in 2021

On the eve of British speedway’s re-arranged annual meeting King’s Lynn Stars team boss Peter Schroeck says vaccines are “the answer” to getting the sport moving again.

The British Speedway Promoters’ Association (BSPA) board of directors took the decision to delay the AGM by a week until this Thursday, January 14 “due to the latest Covid-19 restrictions.”

Minors and Brady Stars’ manager Schroeck said a combination of club owner Keith Chapman and co-promoter Dale Allitt would handle matters on behalf of the Adrian Flux Arena outfit.

Stars' boss Peter Schroeck.. (31805168)
Stars' boss Peter Schroeck.. (31805168)

He commented: “I’m not a promoter so I can’t get involved in the AGM. It’ll be basically Dale and Buster (Chapman) dealing with that side of things.

“With social distancing being done it may be in the form of a Zoom meeting.”

Schroeck does not envisage a long affair - previous annual meetings or conferences had been known to last a few days. He says the main objective would be to make sure the shale sport gets up and running in the spring along with the rest of the country once the present lockdown ends and vaccinations are in full swing.

The BSPA has already said a May start to the 2021 campaign is now more likely instead of Easter.

Schroeck said: “Everything has been on the table for a little while and it’s just a matter of putting it all together.

“You have got to have a plan, one way or another, once the vaccines have kicked in and once the care homes and all that have been done over the next couple of months.

“Everything is in place and I wouldn’t have thought things would take long. Never mind about speedway, we carry on as a whole like this; we need to get some normality back.

“The vaccines, whether we like it or not, that’s what the government seems to be putting its hopes on and we have to be patient and do what we’re told, which I know we don’t like as we’re individuals; and hopefully get some speedway back on.

“I say this quite bluntly, whether it’s Germany, Sweden or King’s Lynn: now we’ve got them, the vaccines have got to be the answer.”

n More speedway on Friday.

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