Lynn’s Knight flies to Eagles

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Lynn speedway rider Jake Knight is joining the Eastbourne IT First Eagles for the 2016 campaign.

He can’t wait to get down to Sussex and become part of the Arlington “family”.

Knight, who has spent most of his career riding for the King’s Lynn Young Stars, is the son of 1990 world finalist, Richard Knight.

Eastbourne director Connor Dugard, who is in charge of team building, said: “I saw Jake last year at King’s Lynn and to put it bluntly he made us look silly when we were there.

“It was clear that his equipment was letting him down.

“He’s on a steal as a six-point average.

“We look forward to seeing him tear up Arlington.”

Knight wasn’t riding last year until he was brought into the King’s Lynn Young Stars team after James Cockle was injured.

However, his comeback was brought to a halt when he broke his nose in a motocross accident.

Knight said: “I have never ridden at Eastbourne but I know they have a really good set-up there.

“I am looking forward to getting down there in the new year for a practice. It will be a new challenge.

“When I asked my dad about it he recommended Eastbourne because of ‘Martin and the Dugards’. He said I would be well looked after with plenty of support.”

Knight, aged 23, is a self-employed builder and lives about 20 minutes away from the Lynn track.

Eastbourne, he said, had helped him already and he thanked Connor for “sorting out so much already”.

Knight, who also rode for Sheffield in the Premier League in 2013, said he was not concerned in going from a big home track to a much smaller one at Eastbourne.

He pointed out that last year he went to Buxton (a 240-metre track) and would have had a 15-point maximum had he not pulled the wrong gear in his opening ride.

He went on to win his other four races.

For comparison purposes, Eastbourne’s Arlington circuit is 275 metres.

Knight is the fourth rider to be named by the IT First Eagles, after Georgie Wood, Ben Hopwood and Nick Phillips.