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Lawson lays down the law for out-of-form King's Lynn Stars

Richard Lawson says King’s Lynn Stars, who shone in the final two heats at home to Belle Vue, need more of the same versus visitors Peterborough this week.

The Minors & Brady Stars are eager to avenge a 58-32 mauling at the Panthers on June 7 when the derby rivals clash at the Adrian Flux Arena on Thursday.

The hosts last Thursday against Belle Vue ended superbly with back-to-back heat advantages, which former Ipswich rider Lawson had a hand in by backing-up top scorer Thomas Jorgensen for a nominated heat Lynn 5-1 race victory.

Richard Lawson focused before the meeting at Peterborough. (47975469)
Richard Lawson focused before the meeting at Peterborough. (47975469)

But speaking after the strong visitors took four league points back to Manchester with a 38-51 win, the recent arrival said: “It’s always good to end on a positive heat like that.

“It was a tough night but we learned a lot as a team and I think we can come into the next meeting against Peterborough with a point to prove.

“We got pretty well beaten there a few weeks ago or so, and we all remember that and want to get our own back oh them.

“Peterborough are a solid side as well and have got some guys who go well around here.

“I’m not going to underestimate them, it’s going to be tough but we definitely want to bounce back fast.”

The Cumbrian speedway rider added of last week’s Belle Vue home defeat: “A few of us sussed little things out with set-ups and the track. I’m hoping the track will be a bit similar and we’ll give it a good go.

“I got a third place in my first one and after that it was either a win or a second.

“Dan Bewley’s absolutely flying at the minute so to beat him twice, anyway, that felt good.

“We struggled a little bit - maybe it was the little break we had, not having a home match for a while but we’ll bounce back.

“As soon as Dale (Stars co-promoter Allitt) gave me the call I said: ‘Yep, sign me up, I’ll be there’, so I’m grateful for the opportunity to put in some good results for the team and try and get us going again for the play-off position.

“Changing the team, having the break and of all teams, Belle Vue, I think they’re one of the stronger sides.

"It was really against us tonight. No excuse; we should do better but for the next meeting I think we’ll bounce back.”

Lynn team boss Peter Schroeck added: “Belle Vue are a very, very strong team but that’s no excuse.

“It took us a little while to get back into it again with Erik’s (Riss) crash and one thing and another.

“It’s been another tough night. It didn’t work today. Erik’s smashed his best bike up today. We had to change an engine in between (the re-run Heat 6) and it was an absolute nightmare.

“With the panic of ‘is it going to rain?’, there was not much space between the heats which I was not very happy about because it affects the home team a lot more than the away team.

“To them it doesn’t matter; but to us we’ve got a crowd here and everything. You have to make some big calls sometimes and we were rushing it through today and that probably didn’t help us either.

"It’s not an excuse; it is what it is.

“There were a few signs of improvement after we had a bit of a meeting (between Heats 9 and 10). I’d like to think that by the next meeting we’ll be back on track again.”

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