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King's Lynn boss was in good hands after being struck down by coronavirus

King’s Lynn Stars team manager Peter Schroeck says he was in good hands when struck down by coronavirus as his wife runs a care home.

He also revealed that his native Germany is behind Britain in rolling out the vital vaccines – his 78-year-old father only just received his first jab this week.

Therefore Schroeck says he is grateful to be living over here.

Stars' boss Peter Schroeck.. (31805168)
Stars' boss Peter Schroeck.. (31805168)

The Lynn News was first to report that Schroeck was suffering from the Covid-19 virus in January.

The former Rye House boss did not need a hospital visit but said: “I was at home in bed for near enough 12 days and was completely out for three weeks.

“My wife was very good. She runs a care home so she knows how to deal with the situation. I was off work for one month.

“It’s just me and my wife in the house, all my three kids, two daughters and a son had already gone and moved out.

“They’re in various places, my middle daughter is in Cardiff. I’ve not seen my grandson during all this time and I can’t wait to see them all soon.

“My biggest problem was the breathing. Now the side effects are my short-term memory which has had a bit of a knock.

“Every so often I struggle to get a sentence out which is just one of those things.”

Schroeck hails from Aschaffenburg, in south-west Germany, and the 54-year-old added of the situation in his mother country: “It’s very slow in Germany. My dad is 78 and he only had his first jab yesterday (Sunday).

“We’re well ahead over here. It’s a bit slow over there but they’re picking up. I know people complain but I know where I would prefer to be living right now.

“I don’t know what to believe sometimes. I know we are in a good position over here and that the situation is getting better.

“We’re all ready for speedway. If people can’t get back to some form of normality after this progress, then I don’t know what we can do.

“The weather is getting better now and there soon will be some practice for our riders at King’s Lynn.”

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