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King's Lynn romp to biggest win of Premiership season against Wolverhampton

King’s Lynn had their biggest speedway victory of the season sealed by Heat 11 at 8.30pm over visitors Wolverhampton, 63-27, at the Adrian Flux Arena tonight.

If the Stars – who slammed in seven maximums, and enjoyed a 55-35 victory here versus Wolves in July – rode at home like this every week they'd be celebrating a play-off spot by now.

Lynn skipper Josh Pickering was ecstatic afterwards and is eager to face former club Sheffield in their league cup final clashes – see his reaction here.

Richie Worrall flying around turn two. (59531332)
Richie Worrall flying around turn two. (59531332)

Richie Worrall bagged a paid maximum, Danish star Frederik Jakobsen was back from injury to play a key role at reserve, and Nicolai Klindt also reached double figures, denied his maximum in the final outing.

The Minors & Brady Stars also called up club asset and former Young Star and senior rider Ryan Kinsley, who replaced Jason Edwards (shoulder damage) at No.7.

Wolves were at full strength; skipper Sam Masters and Steve Worrall are both ex-Lynn riders.

Home No. 1 Klindt edged the gate from opposite number Masters, while Thomas Jorgensen was third over S. Worrall to register a Stars 4-2 in the opener.

Jakobsen stormed the reserves' race with Kinsley playing a vital role on holding off new British Under-21 champion Leon Flint in the night's first 5-1.

Lynn skipper Josh Pickering and Richie Worrall made it successive maximums by defeating Ryan Douglas and Luke Becker.

Jakobsen came in on a Heat 4 reserve switch and was third behind team-mate Richard Lawson, who had a good tussle with eventual winner Nick Morris in the opening shared 3-3 result.

Richie Worrall won the next but his twin brother Steve fell on the fourth bend, remounted and retired, with Pickering third to make the scores 21-9 before track grading.

Klindt and Morris went hammer and tongs – their bikes must've touched at the start of the final lap – and the former just won a fantastic 4-2 Heat 6.

Compatriot Jakobsen followed with his second victory and another Dane, Jorgensen, won the next in two shared races. Kinsley, who struggled in the latter heat, withdrew after aggravating a dodgy shoulder.

R. Worrall and Pickering sealed maximum number three, and after a Heat 10 4-2, number four came via Jakobsen and Lawson to secure the meeting win, 45-21, at an extended second grading. No long interval was taken because of rain forecast later.

Jakobsen/Pickering, Klindt/Lawson and Jakobsen/Worrall made it four successive maximums, while Morris retired in Heat 13 in a sorry away display.

Lynn tracked Klindt and Worrall in the nominated Heat 15, with Wolves picking Masters and Becker.

After a restarted finale (Masters being warned to stay still) Worrall crowned a superb return to form by remaining unbeaten by an opposition rider, followed by Masters and Becker.

Amazingly Morris had notched Wolverhampton's sole race win of the evening way back in Heat 4.

Lynn will travel to Sheffield on Thursday, September 29 in the League Cup Final first leg and the second home leg will be on Monday, October 3.

King’s Lynn Stars: Nicolai Klindt 13, Thomas Jorgensen 6, Josh Pickering (capt) 9+1, Richie Worrall 12+3, Richard Lawson 6+2, Frederik Jakobsen 16+1, Ryan Kinsley (withdrew) 2+1.

Wolverhampton Wolves: Sam Masters (capt) 5, Steve Worrall 5, Luke Becker 5+2, Ryan Douglas 4, Nick Morris 6, Drew Kemp 0, Leon Flint 2+1.

Referee: Mick Bates.

Fastest time: Klindt, Heat 1, 58.69 seconds.

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