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Ten Mile Bank stretch shows the way in West Norfolk

Skimmers, roach and the odd bream to 4lb have been showing on the main hot spots during the early part of a generally quieter week on West Norfolk waters.

Tip and pole proved the most rewarding method when offered seed baits, caster and maggot.

Up to the weekend, roach, skimmers and perch were showing well, along with the odd bream from St Mary’s.

On the Ten Mile Bank stretch between Denver and the Piggeries, roach catches were reported from pole anglers using hemp and tares.

The odd bigger roach to 12oz picked out the seed baits on offer.

A catch of eight bream to 7lb 2oz, tench to 6lb 8oz and a roach to 1lb 8oz were reported from an angler at Wissey Mouth on the tip.

Skimmers, and roach to 10oz have also showed on the pole and tip when offered caster, maggot and seed baits.

The odd zander to 5lb has also been recorded.

Pole and tip anglers have found skimmers, the odd bream to 3lb, roach, rudd and perch between the Chapel and Modney Bridge when offered maggot, caster and pinkie.

It has been a slightly quieter week on Springside.

Despite this, carp to 13lb have appeared on the method feeder or carp style feeders when offered meat or boilies.

Tench to 4lb have also been active in the margins when offered corn or pellet.

Quality silver fish catches have also been reported, with roach, rudd and perch showing on the whip, pole and waggler.

The best baits have been caster, maggot, pinkie and punched bread.

Multiple catches have still been reported on Bear Lake.

Carp to 14lb have been snapped up on the method feeder when offered corn, pellet and meat.

Neville Tilson continues to enjoy himself on Queen’s with a net of more than 100lb, along with a bream net to 7lb all taken on the waggler.

Bream to 7lb 6oz continue to feed well on traditional bream style tactics when offered worm, maggot or pellet.

Skimmers, roach and rudd have put in a regular appearance on the 7-9 metre line when using caster and maggot on the short pole or the waggler a couple of rod lengths out.

Shepherd’s Lake has seen bream to 5lb showing on the tip on bream tactics.

Carp to 13lb have fallen to the carp tactics offered, while roach, rudd and skimmers have shown on the whip, pole and waggler when presenting caster or maggots on the hook.

Tottenhill has seen bream to 5lb and carp to 15lb 6oz, which have fed aggressively in the last week.

The method feeder has accounted for the carp and he pole has also produced the odd carp, but the more dominant bream have fed strongly on the pole line over a bream based ground bait mix.

Pellet, corn and meat have been the most rewarding baits.

Nar Valley Fisheries

Lots of good fish have been caught from Lake Geneva with carp to 37lb gracing the nets of members.

Darren Seal had another fruitful session on the 35-acre lake, where he caught a common carp which tipped the scales at 30lbs 12ozs.

For more information on the venue, contact Chris on 01553 636507.

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