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West Norfolk students graded at special session

Students from the Samurai Karate School were successful at a grading at Hudson Leisure Centre in Wisbech.

More than 50 pupils from the Lynn, Downham, Terrington and Wisbech Dojos attended.

The three-hour session proved a great success with 49 students achieving new grades under the watchful eye of the OSKA UK grading panel.

Thirteen students attempted their very first grade with 12 of these coming from the club’s new Dojos in Lynn and Downham.

Just for good measure, Amber Crossley-King (8th Kyu), Ola Mlynek (6th Kyu), Lawrence Twycross (11th Kyu), Brayden Skinner (12th Kyu), Lorraine Roberts (10th Kyu), Hannah Cornett (7th Kyu), Ashleigh Mason (7th Kyu) and Adam Cowles all achieved excellent merit passes.

Well done to Ella and Finn Southerland and Harrison Anderson for achieving their first grades with the club since joining from another karate school.

Big congratulations to everyone on their dedication and hard work, including the school’s excellent coaching team of 4th dan Andy Watson, 3rd dan Carl Douch and 2nd dan Glen Mason.

The overall passes were as follows.

12th Kyu: Ty Tooke, Ekaterina Simanuvica, Brayden Skinner, Molly Oakes, Ronan Oakes, Callum Ping, Hary Gibson, Ruby Gibson, Evie Smart, Dylan Chalke, Oscar Bruce, Elisha Marten, Sophie Price.

11th Kyu: Charlie Steele, Jacob Malik.

10th Kyu: Lorraine Roberts, Connor Drakard, Megan Standing, Samuel Rollings, Theo Tooke.

9th Kyu: Ned Steel, Findlay Steele.

8th Kyu: Reece Doughty, Cayden Ladye, Lisa Taylor, Pedro Lira-Perez, Felipe Kolinski-Costa, Amber Crossley-King, Keegan Courier.

7th Kyu: Hannah Cornett, Adam Cowles, Sofia Doughty, Cameron Lightfoot-Brighty, Enrique Lira-Ivanov, Ashleigh Mason, Aymon Mulondo, Charlie Ridgewell, Grace Twigge, Jacob Twigge, Finn Southerland, Ella Southerland, Egor Zaleskis.

6th Kyu: Mark Twigge, Alexandra Mlynek, Luis Goncalves, Isabelle Shepperson, Harrison Anderson.

Full class details can be found at: www.samuraimartialarts.co.uk or by calling 07843 414433.

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