2015 is set to be a big year for rising folk act Addison’s Uncle

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Battle of the Bands winners Addison’s Uncle have been busy since winning the Lynn talent competition in the summer, now they plan to start 2015 with a bang as they release their debut album and DVD.

The folk act impressed the judges at this year’s music competition, organised by Twisted Melon Promotions, which saw them performing live in front of thousands at Festival Too, and winning a recording package.

Despite having a busy summer of gigging around Norfolk and beyond, Addison’s Uncle have managed to find time to lock themselves in the recording studio to put together their new album.

Triston Finnis, of Twisted Melon Promotions, said: “With our Battle of the Bands winners, we try to lend a helping hand with promotion and events, but with an act as talented as Addison’s Uncle it was easier than usual and an absolute pleasure.

“I am absolutely delighted to be involved with the album launch show at the Norwich Arts Centre. With the talent and the drive the band has, I think the sky is the limit. Next year is very important for both Addison’s Uncle and Twisted Melon. In February, we embark on a UK tour joined by the amazing Jay Harrison.”

Our entertaiment reporter, Lucy Ruthnum, caught up with the band’s lead singer and acoustic guitarist Philip Pearson ahead of the album and DVD launch.

Lucy: It’s been six months since you won Battle of the Bands - what have you guys been up to?

Philip: It’s been a great six months. We’ve been extremely busy and we’ve been offered some amaizng gigs – we haven’t had to ask for a single one yet. We all really enjoying being in the band and we want to make the most of it. We’re really grateful for all the support we’ve had from audiences and for all the opportunities we’ve had to play different types of events so we can get our music out to different crowds.

Lucy: Where did the idea come from to make a DVD?

Philip: James Maas, who plays ukulele for us, entered us into a competition, which we won, and we met the team at Crossfade Media through it. They really understood what we were about and they wanted to make a film of us, so when we won Battle of the Bands, we invited them along to film the Festival Too performance and they produced this really nice DVD of it. We had an amazing audience that day and it’s a really nice way of remembering it. We wanted to make sure we kept part of it with us because you don’t get to play to that kind of audience every day. It’s created a nice snapshot of where we were at the time.

Lucy: Tell us about the album – what can we expect from it?

Philip: The album is all stuff we’ve been playing live – it’s a chance to document what we play and to capture a bit of the live stuff as well. We did about nine of 10 of the tracks in one day, but it’s taken about a year to do the mixing and mastering of it. It’s been a long time coming and it’s a bit of a relief that it’s finally launching. I definitely wanted to write a 21st century folk story, and I think we’ve achieved that – it all says something.

Lucy: Are there any tracks on there we should look out for?

Philip: The album starts with one of the first tracks I ever wrote – Shooting Star and it ends with Toughest Part, which is a song about a relationship that came to an end, and the way the band were there for me when it happened. It fits together quite nicely and there aren’t any idle tracks on the album – all of the songs tells a story and overall they tell a bigger story when played together. Everyone in the band is part of that story and we all write our own parts – it wouldn’t work with people who don’t understand the overall story.

Lucy: It must be pretty exciting to finally be releasing the album – are you looking forward to the launch event?

Philip: We can’t wait. It’s going to be amaizng to play Norwich Arts Centre – it’s been a real ambition of mine for years especially after it recently won NME’s award for Best Small Venue. Hopefully we get a good audience on the night – we’re looking forward to playing for a crowd.

Lucy: What does 2015 hold for Addison’s Uncle?

Philip: After everything that has happened this year, we’re really excited for the summer. We feel like we’re a proper band now, like we can really take it seriously, and hopefully we’ll get a chance to play some good festivals.

The group will be holding an album launch party at Norwich Arts Centre on January 16 to celebrate the new album with their fans. Support on the night will come from top acts from across the country. The BeauBowBelles are a London-based, gypsy swing folk ensemble who will be making their Norwich debut.

Feral Mouth are local favourites of Addison’s Uncle, they bring a combination of bluegrass, country and americana, but even more upbeat.

Rio Santana/Pirate Joe are eccentric, engaging, captivating, hilarious and brilliant in every way.

Tickets are available from www.norwichartscentre.co.uk where they are on sale for £5 if you book in advance.

The album and the live DVD, I’d Like to Tell a Story and Live at Festival Too, comes in one package for £7, but on the launch night they will on special offer for £5.