Artist’s new role at St Faith’s Church, Gaywood

Mary-Rose Upton, the first artist-in-residence at St Faith's Church, Gaywood, with the Rev Dale Gingrich.
Mary-Rose Upton, the first artist-in-residence at St Faith's Church, Gaywood, with the Rev Dale Gingrich.
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Local artist Mary-Rose Upton is to seek creative and spiritual inspiration for some new work from an historic West Norfolk church.

Mrs Upton has been appointed the first artist-in-residence in St Faith’s Church at Gaywood where she, together with several fellow amateur artists, will be based at the beginning of August.

It is hoped that people from the local community, who enjoy art in all its forms, will call into the well-known Gayton Road church and join in with the free creative sessions.

The Artist-in-Residence Week will celebrate the Norwich Diocese Open Churches Week from August 2-9. During this period, Mrs Upton will be welcoming people to call into the church and join in with the painting sessions or simply chat to her about her creative ideas.

Part of their inspiration for a new series of work will be the fabric and furnishings of the church which dates back to medieval times.

Mrs Upton said part of the concept of artists-in-residence was to provide artists with a time and space away from their usual environments.

“Art residences emphasis the importance of meaningful and multi-layered cultural exchange and immersion into a particular culture,” she explained.

St Faith’s team vicar, the Rev Dale Gingrich, said the parish was excited about the new initiative and looked 
forward to Mrs Upton expressing her artistic skills and 
spirit inside the much-loved church building.

“Mary-Rose has wanted for some time to explore 
and experience art residency and we welcome this new initiative and hope people 
will become involved and enjoy the experience,” said 
Mr Gingrich.

Mrs Upton said that she is looking forward to working in the church with her paints and brushes.

“The great thing about this concept is that you never know in which ways it may develop and I hope it is a valuable and fun experience for those who come and join me,” she said.

For more information about the opening times during the special week please call the church office on 01553 774916 weekdays between 9am and noon.