A horrible history as King’s Lynn features in Tudor murder files

King's Lynn Town Sign ENGANL00120131202140150
King's Lynn Town Sign ENGANL00120131202140150

Life under the Tudors was violent and bloody – with your chances of being murdered around five times higher than today.

Now a new book, The Tudor Murder Files, by James Moore, brings together all the most shocking killings and puzzling murder mysteries from the 16th century in fascinating detail – including fascinating cases from Lynn.

In 1515, a woman was burned at the stake in Lynn for murdering her husband – the usual crime for wives who killed their spouses. Another ‘maid’, was boiled alive in the market place in 1531 for poisoning her mistress.

The Tudor Murder Files also reveals how Henry VIII devised a new law so that a poisoner could be boiled alive.

It also tells how one murderer killed his wife during sex – and how lust led to a string of other sensational killings.

Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth I and Henry VII are all potential murder suspects.

And it was an age when guns became murder weapons for the first time and those found guilty were subject to gruesome punishments for killers such as being ‘pressed to death’.

The Tudor Murder Files contains details of more than 70 real-life murders between 1485 and 1603.

As well as profiling over 30 cases in detail the book also charts how killers were caught, dealt with by the justice system and how murders were reported to a new, news hungry nation.

James Moore, a national newspaper journalist and author of four other history titles, says: “The Tudor age was one where murder was rife and for the first time pamphleteers and chroniclers fed the public with all the grizzly details of the era’s most gruesome crimes.”

The Tudor Murder Files, by James Moore, is published on by Pen & Sword, priced £14.99 on September 30th.