Casting call and your chance to get into a rom-com movie

Jack Green played by Stephan Genovese and his closest friend Rose, played by Natalie Mills, in the Holbeach Film Company's new production "Forever Your Rose". Picture by Chris Pearson
Jack Green played by Stephan Genovese and his closest friend Rose, played by Natalie Mills, in the Holbeach Film Company's new production "Forever Your Rose". Picture by Chris Pearson
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So you want to be in the movies? Well, auditions are taking place next week for parts in a new romantic comedy which will feature a number of West Norfolk locations.

Forever Your Rose is the latest project of Holbeach Film Company and it will be produced by Natalie Mills, who has appeared in many Downham Amateur Dramatic Society productions.

The film tells the story of Jack Green, a wealthy and highly intelligent character who is clueless about love and relationships, only taking advice from his closest friend Rose and LJ, his spongeing house mate.

When you mix LJ’s advice with that given by Rose you end up with some hilarious moments as this lonely millionaire searches for true love!

Stephan Genovese – known for the movie Dishonoured and as Jurgen in Sky’s Fortitude series – has written the script and also plays the role of Jack; Natalie Mills will take the part of Rose.

Natalie has mostly performed in stage productions locally and appeared in a few films such as The Goob as an extra and Dishonoured as Sienna, but now would like to take the extra step into producing a full length movie.

She told the Lynn News there were dozens of roles for aspiring actors and actresses in Forever Your Rose, as well as members of the film crew. “We welcome anyone with a passion for movies to get in touch and get involved with this great project,” she said.

“We have plenty of parts to cast to anyone who would like to take part in this movie. We want to give local people a chance to show how talented they are and we will be having an open call casting day on Saturday, April 16, in Holbeach.

“Everyone is welcome to attend these auditions as we are looking for a variety of ages and characters who would like the opportunity to appear on the big screen.

“We are hoping to recruit the cast and crew so that we can begin filming in May in King’s Lynn, Hunstanton, Snettisham, Holbeach, and various areas around South Holland.”

The open call casting will be held at the Women’s Institute Hall in Park Road, Holbeach, PE12 7EE. You can find out more on the Facebook page Forever Your Rose or you can call Steph on 07919 400234 or Natalie on 07810 431035 for any further information.

Natalie added: “We would welcome investors on board to help us with costs associated with the making of this film in return for promotion and advertising opportunities.

“So if any companies or individuals would like to get into the movie and also the credits, we would love to hear from them now.

“We are also looking for locations to film in the local area, in particular mansions, restaurants, nightclubs and pubs, apartments and gyms, and also looking for prestigious cars to feature in the movie, like Rolls Royces, Bentleys, Astons etc and even a jet plane (just to film in not to actually fly).

“So if anyone can help us out with any of these items, we would love to hear from them.”

A number of roles behind the camera need filling such as sound engineers and recordists, lighting experts, script supervisor, continuity, grips, assistant cameraman, assistant directors, DIT experts, personal assistants and runners.

The major parts to be filled in the cast include youngsters aged seven for the roles of Young Jack and Young Rose, who will have minimal dialogue.

There are also 27 adult roles in this film and full details of these are given on the ‘Forever Your Rose’ Facebook page.

Natalie said: “We also have some other smaller featured roles to which we will list or mention nearer to the auditions themselves.

“If you have any questions, please ask away, or send us a private message and we’ll do all we can to answer then as quickly as possible.”