Christian theme to Lynn author’s novel

Lynn author Michael Meehan
Lynn author Michael Meehan
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Michael Meehan, a member of North Lynn Methodist Church, is the author of Mucky Ducks, which has been published by Melrose Books.

This is an insightful Christian-themed novel with widely applicable morals and viewpoints expressed through two friends as they travel a journey, ambling along the river pathway to Mucky Ducks, a pub where “love and understanding are served” where they are joined by others.

Topics discussed range from free will to the Ten Commandments, to the meaning and types of love and the greater question of why we are here.

Michael trained as a propulsion fitter in the RAF and served in the Falklands in 1984; he also worked in research and development and received a mention in the 1988 Birthday Honours list.

During the latter part of his RAF career he was doing more and more church and Christian work and was introduced to the ecumenical community at Hengrave Hall near Bury St Edmunds where he stayed for ten years.

Michael then became warden to the Bishop’s House and St Columba’s Chapel on Iona. It was there that he met his second wife and they now live in Norfolk where he is an active member of North Lynn Methodist Church and works as a teaching support officer.

Mucky Ducks, published by Melrose Books, is priced at £8.99; ISBN number 978-1-910792-08-7.