King’s Lynn author recalls haunting journey in Black Dog

Black Dog by Simon Corbin
Black Dog by Simon Corbin
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Author Simon Corbin from Lynn is launching a book based on one of his haunting experiences on the A149.

Mr Corbin says he was driving on the A149 one summer’s day in 2000 when he spotted a large black dog racing across the carriageway.

According to Mr Corbin, the “creature appeared from and vanished into thin air”.

It was this strange sighting that prompted him to look into the road’s history, where he came across the legendary East Anglia Hellhound, Black Shuck, and found inspiration for his book, Black Dog.

Black Dog recounts the tale of DCI Frank Homes of the Norfolk Constabulary who, as he investigates the murder of a teenager in Hunstanton, experiences repeated sightings of Black Shuck. Throughout the book, Frank’s ghostly visions become more frequent and more disturbing.

Black Shuck is the same centuries-old folklore legend adopted by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for The Hound Of The Baskervilles. But, while Conan Doyle relocated Shuck to Devon, Simon Corbin’s Black Dog keeps the devil dog in his original East Anglian locale and sets the action in the present day.

Black Dog is available on Amazon.