King’s Lynn gallery has new exhibition

Calum McClure painting for GroundWorks Gallery exhibition EMN-161018-112350001
Calum McClure painting for GroundWorks Gallery exhibition EMN-161018-112350001

A new exhibition at Lynn’s GroundWork Gallery will celebrate trees, forests and the art of wood.

It will take the visitor to the Purfleet Street venue on a historical and cultural journey, introduced by a piece of petrified oak from the Jurasssic period, some 140 million years old.

This varied show. which opens on Saturday, November 5 and continues to December 17, includes the work of more than 10 artists who are inspired by the beauty and usefulness of wood and trees.

Photographer Tim Simmons’s dramatic images of Norfolk and American wood-land shows the strange beauty of dense woods and their undergrowth.

Lee Grandjean, formerly deputy head of sculpture at the Royal College of Art, has made roots and branches into surreal assemblages, their titles hinting at deeper stories in the imagination.

Calum McClure, from Glasgow Print Studio has made paintings and prints full of the colour and atmosphere of wood-lands, and Lorraine Bewick will show paintings of trees in her Norfolk orchard.

Wood also provides a precise and versatile creative medium for artists and designers.

Ian Tyson is showing a collection of abstract formal reliefs and sculptures exploring the properties of various hardwoods. Doo Gurney, a Woodland Trust selected artist has made wood-cuts and engravings based on the gnarled patterns of bark and tree rings.

Tim Plunkett, an environmentalist and wood-turner who only uses native hardwoods will show a range of bowls.

Dominic Ash and Par Avion, both domestic and exhibition furniture designers, will show exquisite salt and pepper table sets made from oak, ash and bog oak.

The exhibition offers another chance to see internationally renowned artist Richard Long’s Great Ouse Mud Drawing, made in situ for GroundWork Gallery’s opening exhibition Sunlight and Gravity.

Gallery director Veronica Sekules said: “GroundWork’s mission is to celebrate the environment so Long’s work made from the earth will become its appropriate signature piece.

“Many people have said how much like a tree it looks, so for the next show it will be a good talking point.”

Lynn has a long history as a trading port and still is a major importer of Baltic timber to the UK, extensively used in building.

GroundWork also invite visitors to view the pnthouse apartment, designed by Hudson Architects and built by Norfolk Building Co. A bark cloth from Tonga hangs in the stairwell. The apartment is available to book as a short-term let for people who want to spend a few days exploringLynn and west Norfolk.

All GroundWork’s graphic design is by Royal Designer for Industry Pearce Marchbank.

GroundWork Gallery will work throughout the next year as the Woodland Trust’s charter champion forLynn, the campaign aiming to culminate in a new charter for Trees, Woods and People in November 2017.

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