KING’S LYNN: Hillington Phallus souvenir is set to go on sale soon

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Visitors will soon be able to buy a souvenir of one of Lynn Museum’s most popular exhibits.

Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service is working on the golden idea of creating replicas of the famous Hillington Phallus.

Interest in the 2,000-year-old Romano-British pendant, which is 2cm and made of gold, has snowballed since it went on display in January last year.

Artist Sue Heaser has been commissioned to replicate the piece and hopes to have it in the gift shop within the next few months.

Mrs Heaser, who is also an archaeological illustrator, said: “This is the most extraordinary thing I have ever done.

“I love working with ancient jewellery and the craftsmanship involved here is amazing.”

Normally Mrs Heaser would be able to make a mould directly from the piece but this has not been possible as the pendant is so delicate.

Instead Mrs Heaser has had to painstakingly measure, draw and photograph the piece in order to make a mould.

A silicon model of the piece will has allowed Mrs Heaser to make a mould.

She will later use metal clay to make a replica.

The souvenir version will differ from the hollow original and it will also be made of silver or bronze instead of gold.

Mrs Heaser said the Romanic craftsman would have beaten the shape out of a thin piece of gold.

She said: “The detail is amazing.

“It has an integrated loop so it must have been used as an amulet or fertility symbol.

“This will be a good replica.”

The idea to use the phallus as a souvenir was suggested last year when the museum service was looking to stock gifts with a local connection.

Retail manager Maria Wong said the museum was also looking at some of its other exhibits to replicate as souvenirs.

Miss Wong said: “This is a very exciting project.

“This is the first time we have reproduced from our own collection.

“The Hillington Phallus is a very popular exhibit at Lynn Museum.”