Movie review: Creed

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whats on PPP-160115-141042001
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It’s impossible to deny that at present, particularly in the US, race relations are heated.

In particular, people are becoming sick of a lack of diversity in the mainstream media.

The stories all seem to be stories about white people with majorly white cast and crews and although things are progressing, it’s far from good enough. Creed is a direct, albeit belated, sequel to the original Rocky films and follows Apollo Creed’s son, Adonis Johnson.

Adonis is a young black boxer who has given everything up to pursue his dreams of becoming a world champion through mentoring from Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) whilst also following a relationship with DJ neighbour Bianca.

Michael B Jordan plays the titular character and does so with passion, empathy and motivation, all three of which rub off on the viewer. Director Ryan Coogler brings to Creed, such a digital grittiness and beauty that it’s near impossible not to get swept up in the film’s urban landscape of hopes and hardships.

Coogler also co-writes the screenplay with Aaron Covington and the pair have crafted a screenplay which is about legacy, family and finding yourself but does so in a way that is as enthralling and inspirational as any sports movie I’ve ever seen. The characters here are exceptional: the way the three leads, Thompson, Jordan and Stallone, interact with each other is the hidden driving force behind this film and it gives it the emotional charge such a sombre story needs.

Creed is a timely, exciting and diverse fairytale looking at legacy and family and is told in the most inspirational way possible.

George Bidwell