Snettisham inspiration as author heads for the moon

Bob Goddard, with his wife Viv, now has three books to his name
Bob Goddard, with his wife Viv, now has three books to his name
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The peace of Snettisham beach and the mudflats of The Wash were the perfect inspiration for a trip to the Moon, according to local author, Bob Goddard.

From his caravan next to the RSPB Snettisham reserve the Norfolk author planned, plotted and wrote his latest novel Mother Moon which is due to publish on March 1.

The front cover of  Mother Moon

The front cover of Mother Moon

And judging by early reviews of the 336-page paperback book, the West Norfolk writing retreat has paid off, with claims that the book should be turned into a film to rival The Martian.

Mother Moon is actually two stories in one, with half the book based in a marooned Moon colony in the year 2087, and half following the struggles of a grizzled sea captain aboard a 1504 sailing ship. The two timelines follow the dramas of these two apparently disconnected tales... until the final, shocking, denouement.

‘The story follows the events when a comet changes course and heads for Earth – and the finger of blame is pointed at one country. The entire planet is thrown into chaos, while on the Moon a colony of scientists faces the bleak prospect of being stranded... forever.

Will Cooper and Nadia Sokolova become unlikely allies in their struggle for survival. Can they make Armstrong Base self-sufficient before the food runs out? Will they ever see their families again? Can love conquer fear in one-sixth gravity?

And what does a 16th century sailing ship and its grizzled sea captain have to do with their plight? Can he stay alive long enough to uncover the origins of all humans on Earth? Is this the end of Man… or the rebirth of Mankind?​

For author Bob Goddard, this is his first novel and his third published book. Two earlier adventure travel books recounted hair-raising trips undertaken with his wife Viv on a pair of small motorcycles around the outback of New Zealand (Land Of The Long Wild Road) and on larger bikes from their Norfolk home across Europe to Romania and Bulgaria (Beyond Bucharest).

All three titles are available direct from the publisher’s website: and also in kindle and paperback formats from Amazon.