West Norfolk author’s new book wins praise

Alex Marsh
Alex Marsh
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A new book by West Norfolk author Alex Marsh has gained international endorsement.

The Resurrection of Frederic Debreu, his novel about a retired English couple spending a calamitous year in the French countryside, prompted a testimonial from US comedian Jill Twiss, one of the names behind HBO’s international hit Last Week Tonight.

The New Yorker even commented that Mr Marsh’s writing made her wish that she lived in England.

Last Week Tonight is the Sunday night mainstay of the US cable channel famous for The Sopranos and Game of Thrones. The show is syndicated to countries across the world, airing in the UK on Sky Atlantic.

Alex said: “Obviously it’s great when anyone says nice things about your work, let alone when it’s somebody of that standing.

“My writing’s very English in nature; I grew up with those classic warm, funny-yet-touching novels such as The Darling Buds of May and Lucky Jim. It’s a style that does seem to appeal universally, so I’m hoping this book will do well everywhere; there’s already a little buzz about it, which is fantastic.”

In the novel, the newly-retired Prescotts settle in a French village for a year, with the rotund, wine-loving Ted taking the opportunity to search for his elder brother, who had disappeared in the region many years previously.

Fate intervenes, however, when the local villagers discover that Ted can sing, and they draw him into their scheme to resurrect the memory of all-but-forgotten local idol Frederic Debreu, a fictitious troubadour who Alex based on a hybrid of French legend Georges Brassens and Britain’s own Jake Thackray.

The Resurrection of Frederic Debreu is published by RedDoor next Thursday, May 5; price £7.99, ISBN13: 978-1910453179.

Alex’s debut novel, Sex & Bowls & Rock and Roll, set in the pubs and bowls clubs of Lynn and West Norfolk, was recommended by comedian Al Murray.