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Here’s a chance to win a copy of this week’s book of the week from Waterstone’s in King’s Lynn is Exposure, by Helen Dunmore.

It’s 1960, and the Cold War is at its height. A spy may be a friend or neighbour, colleague or lover. Giles is a talented but drunken civil servant, gay, Russian-speaking and working in the Admiralty.

He takes a file home. It’s one he shouldn’t have. You know immediately he’s working for the other side.

Then he has a fall in his flat, wakes up in hospital. The file must be returned before it is missed.

A colleague – the Burgess to his Maclean, as it were – is on holiday in Venice. So he rings Simon, who also works in the Admiralty. Simon used to be his boyfriend, but is now a married man with three children.

Giles, however, can trust him, and in any case, there’s nobody else.

Simon obediently collects the file, realises its significance, and then behaves with remarkable, but credible, stupidity...

For your chance of winning a copy of the book, supplied by Waterstone’s of Norfolk Street, Lynn, just answer this question:

Where do the civil servants Giles and Simon work?

Send your answer on a postcard or the back of a sealed envelope with your name, address and a daytime telephone number to Waterstone’s Exposure, Newsdesk, Lynn News, Limes House, Purfleet Street, King’s Lynn PE30 1HL.

You can also email your entry to and please type Waterstones Exposure in the subject box. Closing date for postl and email entries is Thursday, December 8.