Bands rally round for Downham Market charity gig

Mammal not Fish with their drummer Joe Greenacre second from right
Mammal not Fish with their drummer Joe Greenacre second from right
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The local music community has rallied round in support of 23-year-old Mammal Not Fish drummer Joe Greenacre who was recently diagnosed with a brain tumour. A 12-hour charity gig, The 12 Bands of Christmas, is being held at the Downham Market Club on Sunday, with proceeds going to Cancer Research UK.

It has been put together by Triston Finnis, of Twisted Melon Promotions, who wanted to help after Joe put out an emotional social media post describing how the tumour had been picked up during an MRI scan on his neck following a car accident.

Sunday’s charity gig takes place from 10am to 10pm at the Downham Market Club in Paradise Road. As well as 12 live acts there will be fun and games, hot food and the usual cheap social club prices. You will also be able to purchase a commemorative 12 bands of Christmas calendar featuring all the acts.

Tickets are only £5 and can be purchased at and the groups taking part are: Mammal Not Fish, the four-piece Norwich band with their drummer Joe Greenacre; You & I (Phoebe and Jay); Simon Benefer; Kolin Durier; Cryssis; Sacred Nations; Among the Citizens; Georgia Shackleton Trio; Pirate Joe; Kingdom Keys; Youth Killed It; Bear Club.

Triston Finnis said: “When I heard this news I had to help and knew our music community would get behind it and I decided to put together a massive gig to support Joe’s push to raise funds for Cancer Research UK. I couldn’t have imagined just how quickly the line-up would pull together though. The 12 acts were confirmed in a matter of hours and we ended up having to say no to at least another dozen acts.

“It’s quite humbling to see how people within our local music scene rally around for fellow musicians. One of the guys, Jay Harrison, is actually performing four times with You & I, Cryssis, Kingdom Keys and Bear Club. The diverse mix of acts spans three counties and includes folk, pop, rock, Americana, hip hop, acoustic…. you name it, it’s there.”

In his post in October, Joe stated: “Just over one month ago I was diagnosed with a brain tumour – a one-inch diameter Pituitary Macroadenoma to give its real name. Although the chances of it being cancerous are relatively small compared to other brain tumours, there is a very real chance that it could be. I won’t get a definitive answer until they go up there and have a poke about. But I am staying positive.

“I’m 23, full of fight and I will beat this. I’ve got great friends, and amazing family, the best fiancée that a guy could ask for, and the best health service in the world. My treatment is already under way, and I’m just awaiting more scans and tests. It’s going to be a long slog, but I will get there.

“You never expect to hear this news. I certainly didn’t. I went in for an MRI scan on my neck following a car accident and fortunately this was picked up. I’m now one of the 4,700 people that get diagnosed with brain tumours of all types in the UK every year.

“The real reason for this post is that the number above is too high. Almost 5,000 people per year are diagnosed with just brain tumours. That’s ridiculous and needs to change. So to do my bit for a charity that has really helped over the last two or three weeks along with Macmillan, I am shaving my head on the 23rd of December this year to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

“Any donations are welcome, however a donation of £20 or more will mean you can actually get the shaver and take off a chunk of my hair – eat it, keep it.. I don’t care what you do with it.. Just donate!”

Joe Greenacre’s head shave is at Upton Village Hall in Norwich from 6.30pm to 10pm next Friday, December 23.