Battle of the Bands in Hunstanton report

CJ Hatt
CJ Hatt

The sun was shining in Hunstanton on Monday, but the wind was a bit nippy, as six more acts took to the stage for the second acoustic heat of this year’s Battle of the Bands.

The job of kicking things off fell to Jess Oresanto, a singer/songwriter who had many stories to tell through her music. There was a power-cut during her set, but she was completely unfazed, and in fact came back even stronger afterwards, delivering a confident performance.

Travelling all the way from Grantham, CJ Hatt was next up, and he played a varied mix of cover songs. CJ has a voice that sounds like he’s been gargling a mix of barbed wire and concrete with a rich tone. He also played a song that he’s written himself, which also went down well.

Josh Alan certainly wasn’t taking any prisoners, and came out with all guns blazing. The pace was rather frenetic to say the least, and although at times he tended to get a little carried away, his set consisted of a few curve balls.

There was no denying Josh’s conviction and dedication, and his set was thoroughly enjoyable.

We were already into the fourth act, and that came in the shape of Emily and Jamie. Emily obviously made the decision not to make things easy for herself, tackling some big songs, and pretty much nailing every single one, backed up impeccably by Jamie on guitar. Their set once again was a varied one, with a few eyebrow raisers.



A late addition to the bill was Decades, an acoustic act that we’d seen previously in a full band heat. This time around they seemed a lot more confident, as well as sounding more polished. Even Lewis seemed to come out of his shell a little. They were a different band to the last time we saw them, and to improve so much in such a short time speaks volumes for their work ethic.

Lastly, Matty G and Lil Winter rounded off the afternoon. Their music would certainly divide any crowd and they are a true “Marmite” act. That said, their songs are topical and damned funny to boot. Their musical prowess might not be up to a standard that we’re used to, but for sheer entertainment value, these guys are right up there.

So that was it, the sun was setting over The Wash, the wind was picking up, and the scores had been tallied, and going through to the acoustic final were CJ Hatt, and Emily and Jamie. Also going through as a “wild card” is Issy Smith, and that completes the line-up.