Battle of the Bands: Mammal Not Fish win Heat 4

Heat 4 winners Mammal Not Fish
Heat 4 winners Mammal Not Fish
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Battle of the Bands returned to Watlington for the fourth heat on Saturday – and it looked to be one of the more interesting heats on paper.

The final vote saw Mammal Not Fish get the decision, but it was mighty close.

Opening the show were five-piece Sabretooth Timmy, a covers band fronted by one of the best female vocalists we’ve seen so far. Their set consisted of some great song choices too, including “School of Rock” from the film of the same name. The bar was set really high.

Nothing can ever prepare you for Shock! Hazard. I’ve seen them many times, and you never know what to expect, and now performing as a two-piece, their energy is still dialled up to eleven, as are their amps.

They’re loud, brash, and really don’t care what anyone thinks, they just do their own thing, like it or not.

Calming things down a little, were four-piece In My Disguise, a rock act who travelled all the way up from Ipswich to play.

Up until tonight, many people were unaware they even existed, but they went away with a lot of new fans, myself included. Their sound is well structured, and they’re technical ability is faultless.

Finally, it was down to Mammal Not Fish, last year’s finalists, to close the heat, and they did it in their own unique style. They’ve ditched the acoustic guitar and gone completely electric, which makes their sound a lot bigger, and all the better for it.

The crowd were on their feet dancing for the entire set, in fact the dance floor was packed, and the band enjoyed every minute of it.

After the judges did their thing, it was Mammal Not Fish that took the win, and with just one point separating first and second place, it was a close-run thing.