Battle of the Bands victory for Vulpes – with a borrowed guitar

Battle of the Bands Heat 8 winners The 'Vulpes
Battle of the Bands Heat 8 winners The 'Vulpes
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Chicagos in Lynn was the venue for heat 7 of the Battle of the Bands, and it was billed as a heavy rock heat.

If there was one word that describes it, that word is ‘loud’ because I left with my ears ringing, which is the mark of a good rock show.

Hard rockers Baithead were first to take the stage, and they did everything right. The frontman left the stage and took to the floor on many occasions, and even the lead guitarist had a go. It was an energetic way to start and they set the bar very high.

Up next were Vulpes, a grunge-influenced act who delivered a solid set of original material. They had to borrow a guitar from the previous band due to breaking some strings, which lost quite a bit of momentum, but they pulled it back admirably.

Third on the bill were Shock Hazard. I must say I was looking forward to these guys taking the stage, as they never fail to deliver a high energy set. Tonight was no different with Jake taking to running around on top of the bar with his guitar. They’re a great band to watch as well as listen to.

Last up were a full on metal act in the shape of Exit Through The Gift Shop. The energy they had was incredible, and the ferocity with which they delivered their set of original material was relentless. Whether they’d go down well at Festival Too is one thing, but put them on at a rock festival and they’d kill it.

After all of the judging, it was Vulpes that took the honours of going through to the semi-finals, and with only two heats left, the competition is almost over, but what a ride it’s been so far.