Centenary play gives a new perspective on wartime tale in King’s Lynn

The Muddy Choir'Theatre Centre'www.sarahlondonphotography.co.uk
The Muddy Choir'Theatre Centre'www.sarahlondonphotography.co.uk
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Young people are being encouraged to learn about the First World War from a new perspective on Wednesday, by watching a powerful new play at Lynn’s Arts Centre.

Giving younger audiences the chance to gain a new perspective on the centenary of WW1 through the power of song, The Muddy Choir has been created to mark 100 years since the outbreak of war.

The Muddy Choir'Theatre Centre'www.sarahlondonphotography.co.uk

The Muddy Choir'Theatre Centre'www.sarahlondonphotography.co.uk

Written by Jesse Briton, the play aims to connect with young audiences through the emotive and humanising power of music. It tells the story of three young boys serving with the Durham Light Infantry in 1917 and their experiences of fighting – and singing – at the front.

Arts Centre Trust director Liz Falconbridge said: “We are delighted to have The Muddy Choir visit our venue and would encourage as many young people to attend the performance as possible.

“During this centenary year, schools will obviously be focussing on WW1 and engaging young people in the topic.

“This play is designed especially for young audiences and is the perfect way to give them insight into the struggles and hardship of the conflict, from a young soldier’s perspective.”

It’s November 1917 and the Third Battle of Ypres is lurching towards its bloody conclusion. Young soldiers Will, Robbie and Jumbo are thrust into a landscape starkly different to the playing fields and estates of their Sunderland home.

When the trio’s singing causes a disturbance up the line they face unwelcome attention from their commanding officers. Is music their ticket away from the front, as Robbie dreams, or will the passion it brings about prove more dangerous than bullets and gas?

This thought-provoking, moving and poignant play brings a new perspective on the First World War and encourages young audiences to connect with the experiences and feelings of younger soldiers who were fighting on the front line at such a tender age.

The Muddy Choir also introduces young audiences to the incredible power of music and songs of the period and how significant they were during the war years. The play helps to engage young people as they think about and study World War One during this centenary year.

This production will be at Lynn Arts Centre on on Wednesday, October 22, at 1pm. Tickets cost £6.50 for students and £10 for adults, and are available from the box office on 01553 764864 or online at www.kingslynnarts.co.uk