Don’t panic - Dad’s Army are going Morris dancing

The Dad's Army platoon rehearse their Morris dance routine
The Dad's Army platoon rehearse their Morris dance routine
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Tickets are already selling fast for Dad’s Army, the autumn production by King’s Lynn Operatic and Dramatic Society.

This well-loved and classic version of the renowned television series will be staged at Lynn Arts Centre from Thursday-Saturday, November 3-5.

Set in the Second World War, KLODS will transport you back to a time when all involved were trying their best to support the war effort – albeit in their own special way…

Dad’s Army promises an evening of comedy at its finest, folloing the trials and tribulations of the characters that became house hold names and remain friends to many.

From what became the comedy stable of Jimmy Perry and David Croft, during the TV show’s near 10-year run it created many famous catch phrase as “Stupid boy”, “Don’t panic!”, “Permission to speak, Sir” and the classic “Don’t tell them your name, Pike” to name a few.

From the 80 episodes recorded, KLODS have taken three of the funniest scripts to entertain their Lynn audiences.

Last presented by the Society eight years ago to sellout audiences, KLODS brings back its tribute to the “war effort” which has become a TV legend in its own right.

It is also somewhat poignant in reminding us how the society continued to perform throughout the Second World War, raising morale by entertaining the town’s residents and many of the service personnel stationed in the West Norfolk area.

There has also been help from The King’s Morris, the Morris men of King’s Lynn, who have painstakingly trained the actors for a traditional Morris dance in the ‘The Godiva Affair’.

Here, the platoon decide to drum up support by performing a Morris dance at the fundraising carnival, as the town is still £2,000 short of the sum it requires for the purchase of a Spitfire.

However it is the identity of the Lady Godiva figure that ends up grabbing most people’s attention.

‘The Deadly Attachment’ sees Mainwaring’s men detailed to guard a captured German U-boat crew until a military escort arrives.

When the escort is delayed, the platoon must house them in the church hall overnight.

Pike rather stupidly starts singing a song where Hitler is called a twerp ... and the U-boat captain puts his name on his list of people who are to be captured when the Germans win the war.

In ‘Mum’s Army’, Mainwaring informs the platoon that the women of Walmington-on-Sea want to join their platoon to help the war effort.

He felt this was a good idea, as it would allow the men of the platoon to ‘grapple’ with the enemy.

The platoon are asked to bring as many female volunteers as they can and, with stereotypical 1940s attitudes driving suggestions being made for the women’s roles as part of the war effort, romance, chivalry and a lot of comedy is the end result.

Tickets are on sale at Lynn Corn Exchange box office on 01553 764864 or via the Alive Corn Exchange website.