Emerging artists at show in King’s Lynn

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January will see the first of many exciting new exhibitions at Lynn’s Arts Centre for 2015, a year of Emergence with the goal of highlighting new emerging artists in the Norfolk area.

Bringing a new wave of young artists to the town, all of the artists have a connection with Norfolk – some call it home, others have spent time studying visual arts nearby.

The show offers a wide selection of art works from 20 artists that cover a broad range of practices, from photography, painting, sculpture, video and textiles.

Davide Lakshmanasamy’s practice investigates the inherent properties of material. He works principally with raw and recycled substances – exploring how they respond to different processes, and searching for their hidden qualities.

Once discovered these raw elements are then transformed into distinctive sculptures Jake Francis uses everyday objects and combines them to redefine the mundane furnishings hat surround us. These once bland objects are then morphed in a light hearted way to escape the restrictions set around us.

Following recent events in the Middle East, Liam Briscoe has started to produce a series of paintings showing the struggles of veterans who have returned home with serious injuries. He produces his work as a means to educate, highlighting the effects that conflict has on the world.

The exhibition is on Saturday January 10, from 11am to 5pm.

It is then open from Tuesday, January 13, to Saturday, January 17, from 11am to 5pm in the Red Barn and Shakespeare Barn.

n Pictured right:

This is one of the paintings you’ll find at the forthcoming Arts Centre exhibition