Folk hero Beans on Toast is heading to Lynn

Beans on Toast
Beans on Toast
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He’s known as the tireless troubadour, an underground champion and the stuff of festival legend – and now Beans on Toast is bringing his unique ‘Small Town Celebrations’ tour to Lynn Workers Club on Thursday, May 12.

A folk hero in both senses, Beans – known to his friends as Jay – is heading off the beaten gig circuit this spring to visit some of the country’s finest small towns for a series of live shows that will feature hand-picked support from local talent.

The tour will be filmed for a documentary to be premiered at Glastonbury Festival this year and a compilation of all new artists from the tour will be released called ‘Small Town Heroes’.

Also on the tour will be Sky Smeed, a country singer from Chanute, a small town in Kansas, bringing an international feel to proceedings.

Beans said: “Around the tour there are plans to celebrate the individual identity of towns; from organised pub crawls, to visits to local tourist attractions, to a surfing meet and maybe even a game of rounders down the local park.

“It’s a true tribute to the UK’s small towns and the people that live in them.

“The stories collected along the way will go on to not only inspire my new album in December but the adventures will also be captured for a special documentary, to be screened at this year’s Glastonbury festival.”

Beans has been in the game a long time now; singing, travelling and telling it how it is.

With seven albums under his belt and a year-round touring schedule that has taken him all over Europe, North America and South Africa. Beans himself is from a small town in Essex, and he hasn’t forgotten where he came from.

For ticket details, contact Lynn Workers Club on 01553 772983.