Grimston illustrated talk on church architecture

St Botolph's Church at Grimston
St Botolph's Church at Grimston
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Why does Norfolk have far more churches with a round tower, rather than the usual square one, than any other county in the United Kingdom?

The answer to that question and other fascinating facts about the features of buildings we tend to take for granted will be revealed at St Botolph’s Church, Grimston, next Thursday, November 10. The illustrated talk by Alan Gray entitled Church Architecture Explained will start at 7.30pm.

Churches are commonplace buildings in our communities and Norfolk certainly has its fair share. But it’s not readily appreciated that no two are identical and that every one is unique.

They may contain common features such as piscinas (a niche set in the wall where a priest would wash his hands before the Mass), porches and stoups (a receptacle for holding holy water) as well as a chancel, a nave and often a tower.

But do you know why the main body of a church is called the nave which is from the Latin ‘navis’ meaning ‘ship’? And what might be the connection between the building of a church porch and King John and Pope Innocent III?

Alan Gray will provide the answers in his talk, which is being held to raise funds for the Friends of St Botolph’s. All are welcome and tickets on the door are £6, members £5, and include refreshments.