Hanse festivities and a new carol at King’s Lynn

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What's on news from the Lynn News, lynnnews.co.uk, @lynnnewscitizen on Twitter
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A Lynn Carol: The Only Gift Left On The Shelf

‘A crown of thorns to freeze your breath

The berried holly brings;

Through sun-bright snow as chaste as death

The silent barn-owl wings

And now the ghostly holy dove

That bellowed in your ear

Is tuned to robin-song by love

And cheerfully made clear.’

The only gift left on the shelf

That nothing else can rise above

Includes all treasure, lasts forever,

And grows when shared with others – love*

Those are the first two verses and the chorus of a new carol for Lynn composed by Tom Conway and Gareth Calway which will be performed by Tom at the Hanse Christ Mess show on Saturday at Lynn’s Hanse House , starting at 7pm.

This festive show combines poems, songs, carols and traditional fare including mince pies and mulled wine.

There will also be a scholarly, but light-hearted look at Christmas traditions.

Dr Paul Richards is to give a talk which will include a look at St Nicholas, the patron saint of The Hanse – and Saturday just happens to be St Nicholas’ Day. The festivities will continue from 8pm at the Rathskellar Bar.

And the new carol? Calway said: “It’s a celebration of Lynn’s medieval heritage in the modern world.”

Subtitled “The Thinking Buff’s Heritage Christmas”, tickets for the show at £5 are available from Lynn Custom House on 01553 763044, or call on 01485 571828 for more info.

* Visit https://soundcloud.com/gaz29-1/a-lynn-carol