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Home thoughts from Deaf Havana on return to King's Lynn

Deaf Havana played a first gig in Lynn for many years last night at the Corn Exchange.

Jon Seymour interviewed Tom Ogden, from the band, ahead of their appearance.

Lynn News: So, you’re back in King’s Lynn for the first time in how long?

Deaf Havana returned to Lynn last night for the first time in 10-years
Deaf Havana returned to Lynn last night for the first time in 10-years

Tom: It must be 10 years, or just under 10 years. The last time we played it was either the Queen’s Arms, or Bar Red. I think it was Bar Red, and we were among 7 or 8 bands that played that day.

LN: So how does it feel to be back in King’s Lynn after all this time?

Tom: To be honest I’m rather nervous about it. We were unsure of how well the tickets would sell, and whether people around here would remember us. As the band was formed near here, and I still live near here, there’s an unusual amount of pressure.

When we found out that we’d sold out, we were over the moon, and we’re excited to be playing here, as the closest we normally get is Norwich or Cambridge.

LN: You’ve had a good couple of years since All These Countless Nights released, haven’t you?

Tom: It’s been alright, yeah. We toured Europe with Kings of Leon, and we played Hyde Park in London, then we went across to Germany for a couple of dates, then played a festival out there.

After that we played Firenze Rocks in Italy. There was us, Placebo and Aerosmith, and to date that’s the biggest show we’ve ever played. It was outside, and there were around 100,000 people there. It was insane.

LN: Then last year, you headlined at Brixton Academy, was that your biggest headline show so far?

Tom: Yeah, it was a great feeling to play there. It’s one of those iconic venues, and probably one of the biggest before you start heading out into arenas. We were around 300 tickets short of selling out, and there’s a game in the industry where, if artists get to that point, they’ll place a Sold Out sign outside.

We were asked if we wanted to do that, but we declined, preferring to take an honest approach. There were well over 4,500 fans at the show, and we were more than happy with that.

Deaf Havana
Deaf Havana

LN: After the show here, what’s in the pipeline for the rest of the year?

Tom: The day after the King’s Lynn show we’re off to Derby, then we’re headlining 2000 Trees Festival, which will be our biggest headline show so far. We’ll be playing to 10,000 people so we’re looking forward to that one. After that we’re off to Germany, then to Japan and on to Australia.

From there we’re going around Asia, before coming back home for a while, and that’s about it for the summer. We’re playing a new rock festival in London in September called Gunnersville where You Me At Six are headlining. Jimmy Eat World are also on the bill, and we’re looking forward to that one.

Then we’re planning on touring the UK and Europe towards the end of the year, and that will take us up to December. We’ll take a break for Christmas, and then I haven’t got a clue what’s going on next year, but we’ll probably start working on the next album, as it takes a good year to get from the planning stage right through to the recording stage. It’s tight though, because of our touring schedule.

Deaf Havana, picture: Chuff Media
Deaf Havana, picture: Chuff Media

LN: Finally, is there anything specific that you’d like to say to the fans about the Lynn show?

Tom: I just want to say how excited we are to be coming to what is effectively a home-town show. It’s been a long time since any of us have been to the Corn Exchange, and we can’t even remember what it looks like inside. Most of all though, we just want to thank everyone that’s bought a ticket and helped us sell out the venue.

It means so much to us that we have fans back where we grew up.

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