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King’s Lynn Festival presents Kiki Dee and Carmelo Luggeri following absence at Elton John’s Glastonbury

Where’s Kiki Dee?

This was the question trending on social media following Elton John’s Glastonbury performance of Don’t Go Breaking My Heart that was noted by fans for her absence in the duet, during his last ever British gig.

But I can safely say that following my conversation with Kiki this morning and her dulcet West Yorkshire accent on the telephone, that she is in Hertfordshire.

Kiki Dee and Carmelo Luggeri bring The Long Ride Home to St George's Guildhall in Lynn
Kiki Dee and Carmelo Luggeri bring The Long Ride Home to St George's Guildhall in Lynn

The singer and songwriter will be appearing at St George’s Guildhall in Lynn on Tuesday, July 25 in her show with Carmelo Luggeri called The Long Ride Home.

I chatted to Kiki about music, performing, writing and of course Elton John and here is what the 76-year-old Bradford girl had to say.

“I wasn’t at all upset about not being invited to Glastonbury.

“He can do what he likes as an artist.

“He has performed Don’t Go Breaking my Heart with RuPaul, the Spice Girls and Miss Piggy so I am used to him going off with other women.

“Elton John actually retired at a 1976 concert where I performed and Stevie Wonder was there.

“But I think with the pandemic this has been a long goodbye for Elton but I am absolutely sure he will still do residencies, private gigs, write musicals and spend more time with the boys.

“I have had a few illnesses and bereavements recently and when I am unwell he always rings me.”

Kiki Dee has been performing for 55 years in the music industry and can name check famous people such as the late Linda McCartney and Elton John as friends.

She said: “We have been to the Guildhall before.

“I had a record deal at the age of 16 so I was very young.

“I came down from Yorkshire and chased fame, my aim was to just get famous but that’s when the real work starts.

“I am in my mid seventies now which is hard to believe and it comes round very quickly.

“Working with Elton made me become well known which I thank him for.

“My philosophy is to live everyday and be in the present.

“We all sometimes live in the past.”

Kiki, who was raised in Bradford, spoke of the importance of the area and her family lifestyle.

“Bradford will be a city of culture in 2025 and they have asked me to do a couple of things,” she said.

“It is less about the location and more about the unconditional love which I had as a child.

"There is a spirit in the north that I always connect with, their down to earthness and being real.”

The show will bring elements of Kiki and the hits that audiences know her for and a connection with the audience in an acoustic set that brings “something for everyone”.

She said: “We still rock out and the show is fun to do and the connection with the audience happens.

“I play a bit of keyboards which gives it atmosphere and seems to colour what we do.”

Kiki has been influenced herself by artists such as Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye.

She said: “Carole King also was a big influence with her album Tapestry.

“I am influenced subliminally, a bit like Kate Bush, a one-off woman with a special talent.”

The show will feature as part of the King’s Lynn Festival and Kiki said: “There is room for everything so it is good that the festival is so eclectic.

“The show is a varied musical journey with something for everybody.”

Kiki Dee and Carmelo Luggeri: The Long Ride Home, St George’s Guildhall, Tuesday, July 25, 8pm.

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