King’s Lynn poetry meeting on WWI

Sue Burge
Sue Burge

Local poet and tutor, Sue Burge, is running a poetry workshop on Tuesday, June 20, focusing on responses to the Great War.

Sue recently took part in a project with The Poetry School in London in which she was asked to write poetry inspired by the 1916 documentary film “Battle of the Somme”.

Her poetry, along with nine other poets’ responses, formed part of a performance at The Cinema Museum in London in February.

Sue will be using this experience to encourage others to create 21st century responses to the Great War.

“It felt quite daunting to be following in the footsteps of such well-known and well-loved poets as Rupert Brooke, Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon and so many more, but actually we have a very privileged viewpoint these days.

“To be able to look back at the events of 1914-18 and all the subsequent conflicts and see links and associations in our own lifetimes is fascinating.

“There are so many hidden voices in these conflicts and I want to encourage people to give these unsung heroes and heroines a voice. I’ll be using film clips, photographs, poetry and memorabilia to unlock the participants’ creativity.”

The workshop is from 2-5pm at the Friends’ Meeting House in King’s Lynn and costs £18.

To book your place contact Sue on 01553 692798 or email

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